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  1. Boje

    GTI part-out feeler thread

    My 2015 6MT PP/LP GTI Autobahn sustained some damage to the front end recently and insurance have declared it totaled. A sad day. She was treated like a queen, and still drives, but I got good money from insurance so I have replaced it with a 2018 R rather than spend the cash to get it fixed...
  2. Boje

    ROC-Euro stabilizer arm - what was the verdict...?

    I have a Roc-Euro pendulum arm coming this week to pair with a Powerflex Hybrid insert to replace the stock arm and 034 metal inserts which are starting to feel loose. I know that one (maybe two?) people had disastrous experiences with this arm back in 2018, but lots of people commented on the...
  3. Boje

    WTB: Accessport OBD cable

    I guess it's extremely unlikely anyone would have a spare or leftover one, but I damaged my Accessport cable, and am looking for a replacement. Shipped to or relatively local to Brooklyn, NY.
  4. Boje

    WTB low mileage GTI DCC shocks & struts (or Bilstein B4 Damptronic) / NYC

    I realize this is a long shot but I saw someone else needed this a month or so ago and found it on here, so thought I'd try. Car is a 2015 GTI with DCC and I'm looking to refresh it. I'm in Brooklyn, would happily drive a few hours to pickup, or possibly pay shipping. Also interested in...
  5. Boje

    Has anyone tinted their sunroof and had it crack?

    As titled, really – I inquired a while back at The Art of Tint in Brooklyn, NY, which seems to held in pretty good regard, about ceramic tinting my sunroof and the owner recommended that I not because it will likely crack as a result. Has anyone experienced this happening, or does anyone know of...
  6. Boje

    Re-installing door card (help!)

    Does anyone who's removed their interior front door cards have a link with a detailed description of how to get them back on, or any clever tips? I took mine off today to install sound deadening material and found everything totally straightforward, I had the trim off and all the material...
  7. Boje

    Choosing between Bilstein B4 & B6 Damptronics

    I'm finally looking to replace the shocks on my 2015 Autobahn (with 110k miles, probably should have done this quite a while ago). I have and love DCC, and for most of the year with my 18" summer wheels and tires, I have the DCC in Comfort most of the time unless I'm out on a twisty backroad...
  8. Boje

    Fuel leak help

    Hi folks, I've been smelling raw fuel in the cabin when at a standstill, moving slowly, or with the AC on for a while now (and coolant, but that's another story, I'm having the heater core replaced later this week). Today I finally found the problem – there's a leak coming from around a nut on...
  9. Boje

    Heater core replacement

    Hi all, I recently had a bunch of stuff done to my car (2015 6sp GTI) at 100k miles – carbon cleaning, new mounts, new clutch, fluidampr, new water pump and housing, a new tune and plugs, and a flush of all fluids. That was about 2000 miles ago. Recently I've had a smell of coolant in the cabin...
  10. Boje

    FS: JB4 w/ bluetooth for GTI. $300 [SOLD]

    Selling my JB4 from my GTI. It has about 20k on it, never had any issues at all. Last updated the firmware earlier this year (in March, I think). There are some scuff marks on the outside of the enclosure, but it's only cosmetic. It's a 'group 2' JB4. $300. I'd prefer local pickup or delivery...
  11. Boje

    Flashing to stock with Accessport without uninstalling?

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to flash back to the stock tune with a Cobb Accessport without having to fully uninstall? Asking because I can't pass NYC emissions with the EQT Stage 2 tune. I'm running Jake's DP with a spacer and have never had a CEL even when I ran a JB4, so figure I'll...
  12. Boje

    Clutch help (I know, I know. I searched first.)

    Okay, so, I know starting a new clutch thread around here is enough to get me banned, and quite rightly so, but I’ve had my GTI for three years (never intended to modify it, ha) and have ended up doing everything in my signature without needing to ask a single question on here because there’s so...
  13. Boje

    SOLD: Powerflex Hybrid Puck for pre 7/27/16 cars (brand new / NYC area)

    $60. Brand new and never installed. Preferably meet locally (I'm in Brooklyn but can drive a bit), or can ship it if buyer pays shipping.
  14. Boje

    Review: Baun Performance (GTI Jake) catted DP & resonated MP

    Hello everyone, Been a lurker on here since I got my car nearly a year and a half ago, and have never really felt the need to post, as I haven't yet had a question I couldn't find an answer to somewhere on here already... So thanks to everyone who makes this such a great community. I've...