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    Is any part of the suspension covered under warranty?

    I am hearing a squeaking noise coming from my back right tire. Sounds like something with shock/strut and I am wondering if this will be covered at all under my warranty.
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    Neuspeed RSE10's all year round?

    Thinking of getting a set of these. Is there any issues with running these lightweight Neuspeed's all year round, specifically in the winter? I will have Michelin AS3+ on them all year round. Is the only downside to doing this getting them banged up during the winter?
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    Anyone running Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires?

    Anyone running Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires? I am interested in using these year round as I don't have storage space for a summer/winter setup. What are people's experience with these? Anyone using with a tune?
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    APR Stage 1 Low Torque (91) or Stage 1 (91) Tune?

    What are your thoughts on choosing between the tunes? What are your experiences with them? I have a 6MT APR Stage 1 Low Torque (91) APR Stage 1 (91)