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    OEM MK7 Golf R Rear Sway Bar

    Selling as pictured... A subtle OEM+ upgrade for Sportwagens / Alltracks... $45
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    Eurocode MK7 MQB Rear Chassis Brace

    A great supporting mod for the mk7 Golf R / GTI... $145
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    FS: 2016 Golf R w/ DCC & NAV 6MT

    First and foremost, please note that the long block (engine, turbo, and intake manifold) were all replaced under warranty by Volkswagen to the tune of over $16,000 due to a freak failure approximately 1 year / 20k miles ago. Car has not missed a beat since, and has not had a single misfire since...
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    DCC Setting for Optimal Longevity...

    Any thoughts on this? I'm in Race mode about 98% of the time as I'm currently in Florida and enjoy the firm / planted feeling. My thinking is that less suspension travel would potentially mean less wear on components?
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    Any Eurodyne Users in the N.E. Florida Area?

    I'd like to borrow someones USB Powertap Flash tool. I'm currently in the Palm Coast / St. Augustine area of Florida. This would be easier than having mine overnighted from Ohio. I need to flash my car back to stock (as apparently when your engine is replaced, they don't replace the ECU or...
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    FS Milltek 3" Downpipe With Sport Cat for Golf R MK7

    Reverting my Golf R back to Stock (engine wise) and will be selling my Milltek Catted Downpipe. It currently has about 30k on it. I've thoroughly enjoyed the deep growl under hard acceleration. It also does not drone. First $400 takes it. I can't provide newer pics as it's still on the car, but...
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    2016 Golf R Blown Engine... (threw a rod)

    Well, I enjoyed my Eurodyne tuned Golf R for over 2 years and 39,7XX miles. However I'm not sure I want to fix it. Thinking about selling the car to someone looking to go with a built Stage III engine or RS3 swap, etc... Any thoughts?
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    034 Motorsports = Amazing Customer Service!

    Got stuck in the middle of installing my 034 Motorsports Dogbone Insert on my 2016 Golf R 6MT. The engine shifted once I removed the bolt, so half the hole was covered. Contacted them via PM on on Sunday evening and got a response in less than 10 minutes! Ended up using a rope...
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    FS: 4 Almost New Enkei RS05RR 18x8.5" Wheels & Continental DWS 06 235/40/18 Tires

    FS: 4 Almost New Enkei RS05RR 18x8.5" Wheels & Continental DWS 06 235/40/18 Tires I purchased these, and have decided to go back to stock. This setup would cost you nearly $3,000 if purchased directly from TireRack as I did. I received the Wheels and Tires last Friday the 8th. They should have...
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    Cruise Control / Clockspring Retrofit

    Ok so I've got a mk7 gti wheel successfully working in my mk7 golf launch edition, except that I haven't been able to get cruise to work. I purchased a new clockspring that has the cruise stalk, etc.. but it's proving difficult to remove the original. I got most everything disconnected, but...
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    MK7 Golf Launch Edition MFSW Retrofit... Partial Success! :)

    Ok, so I have been messing with this for a couple months now... Currently I have a MK7 GTI steering wheel working in my Golf 1.8t Launch Edition. All buttons on the wheel light up, and all buttons work except for those controlling cruise control. The buttons for cruise do send signals as I...
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    Shark Fin Antenna Removal DIY?

    Can somebody please post instructions on how to do this? I would like to wrap my roof, but am unsure of the safest way to drop the rear headliner to access the back of the antenna. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)
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    New MK7 Golf 1.8 TSI... Wastegate Noise?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum... just picked up a 2015 Golf 1.8t Launch Edition last Friday and today I noticed a noise that wasn't present before. I only have 200 miles, and the car is untouched. Each time I accelerate and then depress the clutch to switch gears, I get a funny...