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  1. gdub09

    Wheel Bearing Cap Corrosion on 2021 GTI SE

    Normal operation. Screw in stud a few threads, take a hammer to the back of the wheel and its off. This is pretty normal on every car ever...
  2. gdub09

    Coolant hose chewed

    For the most part yes. No need to squeeze the piping. I'd get a coolant fill kit and air bleed it.
  3. gdub09

    WTH have I done?

    If that were the case it'd be all over the subframe, firewall, and down the tunnel more than likely rather than upwards towards the turbo.
  4. gdub09

    WTH have I done?

    I really don't see how this could be pan related. This is upwards, on the turbo. The axle looks pretty clean and so I don't see it flinging that stuff upwards, let alone there's a shield there to catch most of that. Could be a separate issue up top?
  5. gdub09

    Torque Wrenches

    Mechanic here, I have 1/4in Tekton I use daily, no issues at all. Also have a few of their impact sockets. Absolutely no complaints on any of their tools. Would only recommend an expensive digital torque wrench if you're consistently doing head jobs and various precise work. Otherwise for the...
  6. gdub09

    Coolant hose chewed

    Yes that needs to be replaced. You can just replace the line then either vacuum and fill the system or bleed it.
  7. gdub09

    Mk7 boot wont open

    could be a bad latch or switch
  8. gdub09

    Problem Caused by the Dealership

    Those pollen filters sit behind the glove box above the fan, there's no way to cause any damage.
  9. gdub09

    Advice on trouble codes

    OEM batteries aren't AGM but the get replaced with em. Mostly Tiguan & Atlas though.
  10. gdub09

    Auto start/stop always defaults off?

    Battery adaptation value was changed so it will always be off.
  11. gdub09

    Prisma fitment

    That's parts of the plan. I need to cut off my shock towers still to be able to adjust camber.
  12. gdub09

    Advice on trouble codes

    Steering angle may need to be reset. There's a problem with either the wheels or steering for sure if that fault is static
  13. gdub09

    Prisma fitment

    I've got a set of Atlas Prisma's I've been wanting to run, my worry is fitment. I'm lowered on SCALE coilovers and the wheels are 34ET on 225/40 currently. Tried to test fit but they'll rub even after I roll the fenders I believe. Would a 215/35 fit better or run 215/40?
  14. gdub09

    New MK7.5 GTI owner looking for advise

    I noticed this with my MK7 coming from a stage 2 MK6 as well. I believe the fuel tank is a gallon smaller in the MK7 but you can still get 300+, just tough with city driving. I took mine on a 600mi road trip and range went from sub 300 to 450, ideally maxing to 400.
  15. gdub09

    AWE Exhaust Lead Time

    Ordered track version from UroTuning, maybe 2 weeks max from order to doorstep
  16. gdub09

    Cooling system help

    Temps sound normal. Mine stay around that when driving hard.
  17. gdub09

    Cooling system help

    Thermostat opens up at 90c or 194f. Its rare to see fans kick on when its not hot out. Took my car canyon carving when it was 70s, fans never kicked on. Went carving when it was 90s, fans on the entire time. It really depends on driving and ambient temp. Dealer can run an output test to verify...
  18. gdub09

    1.8t Auto trans fluid

    I mean if you want to do it yourself, just buy the ECS kit and fluid from VW and have access to an air compressor. I know the method you're saying by using the cooler but I've never seen it done that way on a VW. When I worked at Nissan thats how we did it. I mean trying to figure out a way to...
  19. gdub09

    1.8t Auto trans fluid

    Autos are kinda tricky. The way we do it is drain it, catch the amount we removed, and refill that amount. Otherwise you can drain it and refill it but you'll need VAGCOM to do a fluid level check. Also you need a special tool to refill. ECS sells it but you need air to use it. It's probably...
  20. gdub09

    Strafe Design

    Glad I found this thread, was about to pull the trigger on their spoiler extension but I'm gonna go with aerofabb now