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    Average mpg

    Hello What is long term mpg? How do we reset it?
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    MAF sensor on the VW Mk7 1.6L TDI

    Hello All, I am a bit confused about the MAF sensor on my particular car which is a Mk7 1.6L TDI (2015). I am sure mine has got a MAF sensor (I will take a picture and upload it tomorrow) but I am assuming some models do not. My question is simple: Does my particular car has a MAF sensor?
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    Where do you put your phone to be used as a satnav

    Hello all I am having difficulty as to where to put my phone (which I use as a satnav) on the dash. I do not want it on the windscreen or on top of the dash. I think there are laws against that as it obstruct your view of the road. I do not want it on the vents either. Though the fins on the...
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    Wheel nut driving me nuts ...

    Hello All and Happy New Year, I just figured out that the locking key for my wheel bolts is missing or rather I have the wrong one. I have attached pictures of the bolts on the wheels. They have 9 'V' type grooves. On the first picture (the one with the wooden flooring) is the key I have found...
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    What is this button for?

    Hello All, Happy New Year. I have just bought my mk7 golf. I do not have the manual. I have found this button on the panel next to driver's door. What is it for? It lights up when you press it. Thanks
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    Adblue filler location on 1.6L Tdi bluemotion golf mk7

    Hello all, I just bought a UK model 2015 plate 1.6L Tdi bluemotion golf mk7. Its a diesel so you must topup your Adblue. As silly as it sounds but where do you fill up the Adblue? Where is the filler point location? BTW I do not have the manual for the vehicle. Thanks
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    Oil capacity and torque values

    Hello all and Merry Christmas, I own a UK model mk7 1.6L diesel bluemotion 15 plate. I am thinking of doing the oil change myself. I have changed oil on most of my previous cars and feel fairly competent to do so on this car. I do not have the manual by the way. I intend to buy everything from...
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    Phone connector inside central drawer

    Hello all, this is my first post here. What do we use the phone connector inside central drawer. I have an Android phone and do not have a connector for it. I have not seen much on ebay for micro usb. Where do I get one that could connect to my android phone and what should I expect to happen...