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  1. krz_hayn

    WET Coast is back!

    WET Coast European Car Show returns to Carpinteria State Beach March 10, 2018! Click on the link below for car show vehicle registration. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. krz_hayn

    Last Sunday Track Day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. krz_hayn

    Neuspeed Flowform Wheel Lottery

    For anyone interested in a chance at a set of (your choice) Neuspeed Flowform wheels at a fraction of the cost. Check out the lottery on the Last Sunday Facebook page...
  4. krz_hayn

    Last Sunday 6.4 Neuspeed Open House 4/30

    Aloha Everyone, Sorry for the late post. This upcoming Sunday 4/30/2017 is the annual Last Sunday/Neuspeed Open House event. Neuspeed is offering discounts up to 30% off select products. Please place your orders in advance online to help expedite pick up at the event on Sunday (I apologize for...
  5. krz_hayn

    Last Sunday - Wheel Lottery

    Aloha Everyone, I just wanted to extend the opportunity for anyone in the market for some Neuspeed wheels. We currently have a lottery going for various prizes on our Facebook page. One of which is a set of (your...
  6. krz_hayn

    Barcelona, ES

    Any members in Barcelona? I'm traveling there for the Formula 1 Gran Premio de España this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. krz_hayn

    Track day

    Took my new 2016 .:R out to Auto Club Speedway "Roval" yesterday. Began the day with 1037 miles on the odometer. Showroom stock on factory Bridgestone S001 summer tires. I must say I'm very pleased with the out of the box performance of this car. I had no issues other than the usual street...
  8. krz_hayn

    Dat Stance

    needs mower low :lol:
  9. krz_hayn

    I want!

  10. krz_hayn

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Aloha! I just purchased a 2012 United Grey Golf TDI 4 DR. Just wanted to say, "Hi". I've been a Nissan/Infinity (car) and Chevy (truck) guy and this is my first VW. After many years of peer pressure from my good friend Bernie of I finally got one. Much thanks to him for...