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  1. Sterling

    GTA V - PS3 Crew

    So GTA Online isn't going to be available until Oct 1st. GOLF MKV CREW - CLICK ME But... Lets get a list of member's PSN's so we can get a Golf MKV crew going. Post your GolfMKV Username then your PSN name 1. Sterling - StayGoldJaneDoe 2. Subie2013 - Godz_GoldnShower 3. Red5pade -...
  2. Sterling


    now all i need is my blue car.
  3. Sterling

    BlaineWasHere Talks to Himself

    A thread for all of BlaineWasHere's ramblings.
  4. Sterling

    The Walmart Game

    GO also. if you are Sar08 or have blue fogs. GTFO.
  5. Sterling

    at least vw approves of bikers.. so sick!
  6. Sterling

    The Website Is Down i had a good laugh about this, especially since at my previous job i had to call IT a lot. haha. hope this isn't a repost.
  7. Sterling

    Subie Content.

    thought this was a sick video: hope you enjoy it as much as i did, even though it's not VW content.
  8. Sterling


    just found a hundred bux! WOOHOOOOOO! just needed a random outburst of excitement. :thumbup: /end
  9. Sterling

    Cross your fingers for me guys!

    so as some of you guys know i have a 1965 chevy pickup that i've had up for sale since i've joined this forum. i've been trying to sell it so i could buy a gti (reason why im on here) but i've been having such a hard time finding people interested in it... FINALLY! i got an email tonight from a...
  10. Sterling

    i love shows

    wo0o0o.. just got back from seeing the Chariot, with Misery Signals (:wub: ), the human abstract, and i hate sally. man. i love goin to shows with a sweet line up like that. my head feals like it's going to break off of my neck though from all the head banging and what not. oh well. def...