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    1/4 mile repository, who can take it over?

    All my MQB's are sold :) Needs to be independant. Reliable. PM me please.
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    EFR7163 Kit modded for electric actuator, PR MPI kit 980cc, CTS catch can fwd

    Hi everyone. $2800USD Shipped EFR7163 Turbo kit for AWD MQB. Arguably the best overall for spool/efficiency. Retail is $5000USD/$7500CAD. The fit and finish is second to none. Kit comes with turbo, all oil and coolant lines, APR DP (you need an APR midpipe or to get the center section welded)...
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    Maestro Log Analyzer and Partial Auto-Tune Build Thread

    VERSION TWO, Nov 21/19, Available HERE: Changelog v2: -Added option to save settings which will autoload upon next run -Notifies user if no files are found in folder Changelog v1: -First release Unzip, run LogAnalyzer...
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    WTB: Stock clutch and pressure plate

    Let me know what you got. Needs to be in excellent shape. Thank you.
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    Be careful of Reflect Tuning

    Some of you may know, I stopped tuning. The gentleman above has been telling some people I know how my clients files have commanded full boost at idle which means the car starts and shuts off - this means he is unaware of the way the ecu works which is worrisome for clients. He is new to the...
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    Discussion about VTT continued

    Educational thread only, no trolling, simply facts and discussion only. The entire point of a forum is to enter into educated discussions on the topics that matter to our platform, so as long as this stays clean it shouldn't be censored. Since it seems Tony does not understand what the word...
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    FS: Custom 3" Stainless DP with 100 Cell Race Cat for GTI

    Was made for me from Luis at LTMotorsports, but it is too nice to hack up so I switched back to an old one I had to add a cutout. Welds are terrific. Used for 2000km. Comes with O2 extension harness. Located in Ottawa. $500CDN.
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    LF: Stock catback, GTI or quiet exhaust

    Let me know what you got. Thank you.
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    Another DBV2 in the 10's

    Congrats to Mr. Greaver, pretty pumped. Back seat out and cutout. Rest of the car is street trim, 19" heavy rims, passenger seat in, 3/4 tank of gas. Stock Engine * DBV2 V2 Hybrid Turbo * Eurodyne Moose Tuned * APR TCU Tune * APR Intercooler * APR Intake * Rev9 Downpipe * 450 LPFP * AutoTech...
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    So, here is what you can do on stock fuel: 10.979@127.6mph

    Just thought I would share. Gordon went 10.979@127.5mph this morning on his DBV2 hybrid (the one I ran previously) on completely stock fuel system, with a 93/MS109 mix. 2016 Golf R. Stock tires (all seasons), seats out. Congrats to him. Video:
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    Who money shifted here? :S
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    1/4 season consolidated video no street races! :D
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    Hybrid IS38 Dyno'd

    Hi guys, I am not usually into dynos, but since it is winter here and the tracks are closed until April, I thought I would head out and get a baseline of where I am at so I can evaluate where the car is making power (powerband wise). Keep in mind this is on 100% stock N/A fueling, and no...
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    End of season track day and some Boss 500 numbers

    Hi everyone! The Ottawa guys headed out yesterday for a last track day of the year. Traction was pretty crap TBH and I didn't beat my ET, but I did try an E15 blend and gain 0.75mph or so. That wasn't the big news of the day though. Sam wouldn't make a post here probably, but I think this is...
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    Some help please? Vagcom coding WW and Daytime RL

    Hi everyone I can't seem to find where to turn off the DRLs and the Washer Fluid Low warning? I see mentions of it, but no specific how to. Could someone point me in the right direction please? Thank you! :)
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    11.9 @ 122.5.mph 6MT IS38 Video of 11.920 run, listen for the fuel cutoff before the 1/4 marker :( Full info above. Car was flying today, minor tune adjustments. I know I know, 60' is bad for slicks, should have...
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    Sept 9th, who's coming to Luskville.

    Sept 2nd and 9th, who's coming to Luskville. Sept 9th they will prep, it is a street car shootout day. Pulled a few low 1.8s last week, track was actually hooking. Mustang club day, opportunity to take down some American muscle :D Edit: A few of us are going up tomorrow (the 2nd) as well...
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    Fluidampr Group Buy

    Anyone interested? I did my own research for a couple weeks before I considered getting one. Here are a few independent reviews.
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    wtb: TMD and TIP

    Cheaper is better, cosmetics don't matter :D Thanks.