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  1. SnailpowerMk7

    Stage 1 tomorrow, how will the sunroof shade fair?

    Hey guys, currently my sunroof shade slides open around 1-2 inches from closed position when I drive. I'm going APR stage 1 tomorrow. Should I be worried that the extra torque causes it to slide completely open?
  2. SnailpowerMk7

    Dead bug in the Tail Light

    Yeah so I just finished giving the car an awesome wash/wax yesterday and noticed in the corner of my left side inner taillight, a dead bug. Decent size corpse flipped upside down that is noticeable if you're standing close enough looking at the tails. I'm assuming if there was a way in, there...
  3. SnailpowerMk7

    Best Chicken Sandwich?

    I know there's some new ones dropping in the chicken wars but of the current crop, who you got? I still find Popeyes King of the chicken sandwich wars. I've tried KFC (Old variant, heard they got a new one dropping soon), Chick Fil A, and Wendy. Haven't tried BK or McD. Heard BK dropping a new...
  4. SnailpowerMk7

    At what point do the rattles emerge?

    Thus far at 26k miles, 2017, there are no rattles. I bought the car in presumably a stock form. I haven't found 1 thing that indicates the previous owner did anything after market. I want to say that after sticking a DP in my mk6 GTI at around 33k miles, the rattles began soon after and never...
  5. SnailpowerMk7

    Is it possible a car can be this much fun?

    Look, I'm not even modded yet and I just LOVE taking the car out for a drive. Like, I wish I could pause the mileage and I DECIDE when I want to say I've had enough of this car in my life and be done with it. I literally try to come up with any excuse to just go out and drive it. Such a smooth...
  6. SnailpowerMk7

    Any issues with wing extensions regarding weather conditions?

    Hey guys, I was looking mostly at the Maxton wing extensions that you simply stick with the adhesive 3M they come with. I was wondering if anyone else has experience in snow climates where the weight of the snow on top of the car if you get a blizzard or something, has it affected the wing? How...
  7. SnailpowerMk7

    Boost pod over steering column?

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone else preferred this style but do they sell the boost gauge pod that sits over the steering column anywhere? I cannot for the life of me find one on the mk7 but loved it on my 6. You literally don't need to take your eyes away from center. Never understood the mass...
  8. SnailpowerMk7

    Weighted Shift Knobs, how they not bad?

    Hey guys, this question is mostly for the manual tranny folks. When I had my mk6 GTI the manual said to never rest your hand on the shifter when in operation. Simply put, shift and let go. So with that in mind, isn't the weighted shift knobs the same effect as keeping your hand on the shifter...
  9. SnailpowerMk7

    Just how easy/pain is DP install/removal?

    The primary reason for this question is living in Jersey, inspection is a nightmare. I went through all kinds of PITA problems with the mk6 on a catless dp to get inspected and told myself once I got the mk7 I would stay the hell away from the DP. The problem is, the DP is probably the second...
  10. SnailpowerMk7

    Has anyone tried to reset OBDEleven Password?

    Hey guys, has anyone tried resetting their OBDEleven password? It continues to say they've sent me instructions to my email which is the confirmed email I use but I never get anything. Is this a glitch or anyone had issues with this also?
  11. SnailpowerMk7

    What wheels are these?

    Hey guys, I think I found the look of wheel after pouring over many. I'm just not sure who makes them... Anyone familiar with that one? Thank you!
  12. SnailpowerMk7

    Has anyone changed tunes to try alternatives?

    Just curious if anyone has experience with different tunes and how they felt with each. I ask because eventually, probably in Spring I'm going to tune to Stage 1. I remember APR Stage 1 for mk6 was like, a big jolt in power and then falls flat before redline. I just can't remember how the car...
  13. SnailpowerMk7

    Fender Audio System sounding flat?

    Hey guys, fairly new. Got my car last week and discovered it has a "sound system" over the standard GTI trim. So yeah, this Fender system, why the heck does it sound so flat? Like, the bass is weak and I feel like my music going through bluetooth just sounds very flat, almost like I'm running...
  14. SnailpowerMk7

    Recommended Dash Cleaning Prod?

    Hey guys. Do any of you trust the cloth wipes you can buy in AutoZone/Advanced Auto or do you have a preferred solution that prevents fading the dash material? I know those AutoZone wipes give that initial shine but once it wears, it can leave the dash looking even more worn. Any particular...
  15. SnailpowerMk7

    About to be MK7 GTI Owner in a couple hours

    Good morning my fellow VWers. I'm come before you humble from the MK6 GTI forum. Let me start by saying, SNAILPOWER, reveal yourself! lol, I had that name on the mk6 forums but it's coo. It's all love here. So I'm about to head to my dealer to close on a deal for a white 2017 MK7 Autobahn...