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    Black Alcantara Wheel Cover

    Just did it last month. It’s easier than swapping headlights. Used this video and it takes longer to watch the video than to remove the wheel. I also popped the trim to install my wheel wrap.
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    WTB 312mm Non-PP Rotors Promo code Mom I input 2015 gti S To get to 312 rotors I don’t remember the difference in their two rotors but I think the more expensive one is dipped for corrosion? Their chat feature was really helpful when I was figuring it all out last year.
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    WTB 312mm Non-PP Rotors

    I have the r1concepts 312mm with prodigywerks calipers. They’ve been great. Their geomet blanks are 100$ And the drilled/slotted are 160ish$. Shipping is free. And they constantly have discount codes ranging from 15-30% on their IG. Today they have 20% for Mother’s Day.
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    2.0tdi 148bmp remap, Superchips

    Not a ton of tdi help on this forum. I’ve found Facebook pages to be the fastest source, but also the worst people.
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    Spoiler Extensions

    I bought the aerofab hoping to make it fit my wagon. It cut me taking it out of the box and I scratched it with a microfiber putting it back in. I’ll take some orange peel if anyone ever makes it for the wagon.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Standard golf/ tdi people will buy them, sand them and paint them. That’s why I had Talladegas.
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    from their site. Mine are the 57.1 and conical. Maybe you have an older one that was ballseat?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Still 312/ prodigy up front?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Did mine this weekend as well. Bought it on a Black Friday deal. So glad I decided to take the wheel and trim off. No idea how anyone does it in the car.
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    Golf R Undertray/Skidplate - are they beneficial, harmful, or anywhere in between?

    I have this one. It’s been on almost four years and It’s solid. Has taken a few rocks like a champ and takes under 5min to take off/ reinstall.
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    FS: ECS Billet Aluminum Parking Brake Handle & Raceseng Slammer incl. DSG Adapter

    I know someone interested in the billet handle if it’s still available.
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    They look like the urotuning ones I have on same wheel and they fit no problem.
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    Aggressive wheel fitment thread/stance

    Same wheels but 45 offset. I too had some perfectly good 225s and really wanted to save money but two different tire shops talked me out of it. 235s fit great. Could go 245. I’m lowered 1.9” and have never rubbed but coming from tdi sportwagen height so different. Pics so you can see how much...
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    Golf R Undertray/Skidplate - are they beneficial, harmful, or anywhere in between?

    I have the ares skid plate (bent my tdi oil pan shortly after lowering) and it has saved me at least twice. I can only use the oil temp as reference but it didn’t change at all.
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    PP rear rotor removal

    I read to use a jack to loosen the bolts somewhere. It worked for me.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Is there a way to make this line on the rotors go away? Around 1100 miles on new rotors and pads and this showed up this week.
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    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    I always leave by 1130 wherever we end up being. Meet up is at 730 this time so maybe I’ll actually see the end of one finally.
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    SoCal Meets/Cruises

    I’ll be there this month.
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    CF Mirror Caps

    Mine are real. I was waxing them every other wash to help keep the clear coat solid, kinda stopped washing or waxing at the beginning of COVID and I think that’s when it flaked off. I think that all CF eventually cracks, peels or fades. But I’ve only had these mirrors so I’m only guessing on that.
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    CF Mirror Caps

    I have some cheap Aliexpress ones. Fitment was great. CF looks great. Started peeling after two years on the driver side. It does get the most sun and the car didn’t move much last year.