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  1. quailallstar

    WTB: OBDeleven

    Looking for a NIB or gently used OBDeleven (non iOS version). Let me know if you have one! Thanks, Michael
  2. quailallstar

    WTB: COBB Tuning Accessport V3 (unmarried)!

    Looking to pick up a COBB Tuning Accessport V3 (unmarried).
  3. quailallstar

    FS: New OEM Front License Plate Holder MK7/MK7.5

    Live in Florida and don't need this. PN: 5GM 807 287 L $35 shipped and it's all yours. Thanks for looking! :cool:
  4. quailallstar

    FS: OEM USB Port for MIB Radios

  5. quailallstar

    GTI TCR OEM Flat Matte Mirror Caps

    Does anyone with access to a European ETKA database care to provide me/us with the part numbers for these OEM caps? These came on the TCR from the factory I believe.
  6. quailallstar

    FS: Golf Sportwagen 1.8t OEM springs w/ only 4k miles

    Selling these springs off my 2016 Sportwagen 18.t SE auto. Took them off when the car had 4,000 miles. Asking $100 + shipping
  7. quailallstar

    FS: Like-new 2019 GTI glovebox

    Asking $125 shipped. Removed because I upgraded my Rabbit with the 8" glass screen radio and MIB2 brain. The glovebox was only in the new car for 3 months. It comes with a handle that includes a lock (no key).
  8. quailallstar

    Need to borrow a VAS 5054A asap!

    Need to borrow someone's VAS 5054A. The Chinese clone I picked up for some reason doesn't work and I need to activate my MIB2.5 asap. ? Please PM or let me know who's renting these out. Thanks! Michael
  9. quailallstar

    WTB: MK7.5 Dynamic Tail Light NAR Adapter Harness

    Picked one up. No longer needed.
  10. quailallstar

    Need to borrow a VAS5054A ASAP - mine broke :(

    Hello everyone. I'm working on having component protection removed off the MIB2 + 8" glass screen I just retrofitted into my 2019 GTI Rabbit and looks like my old VAS5054A took a dump. Would anyone be willing to let me borrow theirs please? I'm willing to pay for shipping and send it back the...
  11. quailallstar

    FS: NEW MIB2 unit take off from my 2019 GTI

    The unit used for 1 month and then taken out of my 2019 GTI for an upgrade. It even still has the factory screen protector on. Asking $200.00 shipped OBO w/ shipping to lower 48. PayPal only and price includes Paypal fees. :cool: P/N 5G6 035 868 and list price is on average about $800 - $1,000
  12. quailallstar

    Cant edit profile section with website upgrade?

    How can I edit this below highlighted in yellow? I've looked everywhere and don't see where that text is allowing me to update it.
  13. quailallstar

    Engine Start Button Pulses w/ VCDS Coding

    Anyone know how to get the ignition push start to pulse like a heartbeat? Some SEAT models do this and I've seen videos of people coding this to their VW models but not sharing the code. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. quailallstar

    No rear door tweeters on MY19 GTI Rabbit :(

    I assumed the base system at least had tweeters in the rear because the openings are there. Well you know the old saying - don't assume, lol. If I were to want to wire up OEM Fender tweeters to the rear doors how would I go about doing this? Does anyone know if the GTI S/Rabbit models come...
  15. quailallstar

    Retrofit Arteon / Passat overhead ambient light / map light console into a MK7.5 GTI

    Posted this message below over at the Arteon section in hopes of getting some additional details. ---------- I'm researching on whether or not the Arteon's / ROW Passat 3G swanky overhead map light / ambient lighting unit can be retrofitted into other VW models. Most particularity into a 2019...
  16. quailallstar

    WTB: Frameless Homelink Mirror kit - 000072548F

    Found one
  17. quailallstar

    MK7.5 HELP! Somehow disabled front DRLS & Turn Signals!

    Calling Don! Urgh I was messing around and attempting to enable the Euro single side parking light feature. Stupid me - I used coding off an MK7 and not an MK7.5! Now I don't have front LED DRLs or front Amber Turn signals. Below is the coding I enabled. Issue is I don't recall what my...
  18. quailallstar

    FS: OEM Passenger Side Mirror - like new

  19. quailallstar

    FS: Philips LED Fog Light Bulb set X-tremeUltinon (H8/H11/H16) Error Free

    Philips LED Fog Light Bulb set X-tremeUltinon (H8/H11/H16) Error Free Paid $175+tax for these and ran them on the MK7 Golf wagon with no issues. They are 100% error free and plug-n-play. They cast a very nice and clean white LED light. Bulb and harness build quality is superb as with all...