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  1. ChrisMk77

    Smokeshow on first boost pulls after months of cold.

    Wondering if anybody else has had something similar happen to them, after long cold period withouth being able to get in to boost, we had dry roads today so decided to have some fun. When I got in to it and boost went over 10+ psi a huge pure white cloud pushed out and I let off started to...
  2. ChrisMk77

    Milltek Downpipe impressions

    Recenty installed the Cast and 200 cell catted Milltek downpipe and thought I should share my first impressions. First I just want to say that removing the stock downpipe on ramps and jackstands with performance pack and without removing any heatshields or dogbone to get more access is doable...
  3. ChrisMk77

    Fast egg at local carshow

    Caught a glimpse of the Koenigsegg Jesko today. :eek: And a couple of other rare cars.
  4. ChrisMk77


    Some interesting info about MQB tuning in UK.