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  1. 1SLOW2.01

    40 Years of GTI Brochure Figured some of you guys, like me, have been around the GTI for a little while and might like this. I have not ordered one, so I cannot comment on shipping. Just thought you guys might be interested.
  2. 1SLOW2.01

    Finally drove one

    So I ordered my car in March without ever seeing a MK7 in person and finally got to drive the one today. I was worried it would be a little too sedated and refined for my taste and be a little boring. Holy shit was I wrong. I put the car in sport mode and had an absolute blast. All I ask is for...
  3. 1SLOW2.01

    Order Tracking

    Is there a way to track orders through the production and build phase without having a dealer? I ordered my GTI through Military Auto Source for delivery in Germany and their website isn't the most informative. I am just trying to get some more detailed information on the status of my car...