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  1. ChrisMk77

    East Coast Pipeline Down

    Time for E85 tune and run Appalachias finest 😄
  2. ChrisMk77

    Milltek Downpipe impressions

    The regular HJS cat is the best of performance vs effectiveness, the Milltek cat still passed the sniffer with E50 but not O2 OBD2 readiness but that is fine in Sweden as long as there is no CEL active. I run it with a 3" Scorpion CB and it is pretty dang loud when you get on it. The Euro 6 EC...
  3. ChrisMk77

    Downpipe 200cell vs oem

    20whp might be a stretch but you can add more boost in higher RPM, just adjust E85 blend and FOL so you dont run out of fuel.
  4. ChrisMk77

    Tomioka Racing IHX turbo upgrade for all Golf MK7

    Yea I dont think there are 3 foundries in Taiwan making Garrett style bearing housings. I know Zage is a huge manufacturer that others order parts from so Kinugawa might just assemble now since the co-founder split off and started Mamba.
  5. ChrisMk77

    Mk7 dragy times, 60-130, 1/8, 1/4,

    Has WG duty always been that high? I would also log relative manifold pressure and cyl 1 injection time. | blaqsheep | V11 7-9
  6. ChrisMk77

    Downpipe 200cell vs oem

    No downside with light JB4 map, risk comes with hard boost flashtunes
  7. ChrisMk77

    Tomioka Racing IHX turbo upgrade for all Golf MK7

    Same stuff different Taiwan company name I guess 😄
  8. ChrisMk77

    Downpipe 200cell vs oem

    About 20hp with broader powerband and less heat/stress on same boost, with JB4 clutchsaver map 6 I see no issue but on aggressive tunes overboost and compressor surge is common with free flowing intake and exhaust.
  9. ChrisMk77

    Tomioka Racing IHX turbo upgrade for all Golf MK7

    Pretty sure the 675 is a Kinugawa GTX3071R CHRA with reverse wheels and the 73mm exducer quoted by Tomi is the OD since they all have extended tip. Kinugawa Ball Bearing CHRA Core Gen II GTX3071R - Cartel Australia (
  10. ChrisMk77

    WTH have I done?

    Since it lines up with the driveshaft boot makes me think its watery grease from there. But idling your car with all oil leaking out sounds no fun.
  11. ChrisMk77

    Mk7 dragy times, 60-130, 1/8, 1/4,

    You can try with the IS38 but GTI fourth is a bit taller I think, how did you set timing in your revisions? If you set boost with moderate timing curve and added timing till knock after then just backed off to fininsh the tune you could try that earlier revision with 94, atleast if it was...
  12. ChrisMk77

    Mk7 dragy times, 60-130, 1/8, 1/4,

    None of that good Canuck 94 where you live or E85? Is it illegal to burn alcohol for personal use? 😂
  13. ChrisMk77

    Mk7 dragy times, 60-130, 1/8, 1/4,

    Nice run and fast shift but try from 4th the fastest manuals with R/Cupra gearing starts from fourth, a Golf R with Vortex XL has it with a 6.44 in 100-200 I think. Turbo must have low enough boost threshold though, tried to get a guy to try it in his Cupra but he was slower with a TTE535.
  14. ChrisMk77

    TikTok - funny, car, them here

    Yep thats the average Swedish Volvoraggare 😄
  15. ChrisMk77

    EQT Vortex XL Spark Plugs.

    I run the EQT DQ381 tune and happy with it, I got an update to my custom tune and the DSG tune works even better for me with the new update.
  16. ChrisMk77

    The new EQT V2.51 Maps

    IC instead of fuel it kit, I have run E-blend and E85 for 3 years in this car and never needed a sensor. Just get a E85 tester if you want to check the pump but this staged E85 tune should pretty much work on any pump E85.
  17. ChrisMk77

    E30 EQT MK7 GTI vs APR stage 1 Audi s3

    Traction, I never even try putting power down in 2nd and usually have to heat my tires to get good traction in 3rd.
  18. ChrisMk77

    E30 EQT MK7 GTI vs APR stage 1 Audi s3

    Easy win you are probably even faster 60-130 and will roll out much better, can even let him get the hit and roll into it in 3rd and shift at 5.7-5.8k
  19. ChrisMk77

    Help, spark plug tip broke inside cylinder.

    I have a hard time making out anything on that borescope video, but the noise in the first video is what is really concerning. The broken stap probably got mangled and might have made a mess on its way out.
  20. ChrisMk77

    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    Looks ok and yes you can zoom in and link like this: | Scott59 | Log 1618766214