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  1. Shadowtuy

    Best way to wire up RGB footwell lighting?

    I was given a OPT7 Lighting kit from my friend as a congratz on getting a good car gift. I'm trying to brainstorm on the best way to wire it in complicated or easy. It uses a cigarette lighter for power and that would look terrible. It has a remote to control the light color as well. My GTI...
  2. Shadowtuy

    NOOB to Stick

    SO! My first manual car and I'm just having some hick ups. 1st thing 2nd gear is so stubborn to shift into. I ether get a jerk and become aware that transmission mounts are there or sometimes it will pop out. Any advice ???? 2nd, I cant seem to take off very quickly and this makes my first...
  3. Shadowtuy

    New CPO GTI... safelite cut my frame..

    So they had to replace the windshield to pass CPO and soon getting it redone because of fitment issues they found this. They are warranting it but I'm incredibly scared because it seems I can't seem to keep VW out of a mechanic shop! I've only had the car a week! (IM STILL ON TEMP TAGS DAMMIT!)
  4. Shadowtuy


    Car wouldn't turn over just click and cut lights to the dash.... Tow truck driver tried a booster pack no luck. Get towed to dealership and argue. "We didn't build the car,it's not our fault" Burdick Volkswagen sign on building means nothing apparently. I guess "Dicks discount Lemons" was...
  5. Shadowtuy

    Nightmare car volume 3

    OK so the other day I went to the gas station about 5 minutes away and the car was completely cold, no issues. Got back in and got a "EPC" light and a "Do not exceed 4000 RPM" warning. Im exhausted and this thing loves epc lights so i limp it home but getting to 25 MPH is impossible and i look...
  6. Shadowtuy


    SO! From what I have learned about this MK7 platform its pretty lego like. What is stopping someone from slapping in a 2.0 GTI engine/Trans and running a 2.0 tune on the TSI ecu? Had the idea when i found some cheap donors on Copart. I just think it would be sick to strip a totaled GTI and use a...
  7. Shadowtuy

    Universal shift knob dsg

    So I have found a few universal shift knobs that basically look like it adapts the smooth to a threaded end so you can use whatever. I have a dsg and I wanted to know is it just that simple? What does the trigger go to?
  8. Shadowtuy

    Need Advice

    So I originally bought this car to be my first modified car. My friend has been saying that the MK7 TSI isn't a platform to modify. His reasoning: 1. No LSD, so all the power and no way to get it to both wheels. 2. The automatic 6 speed, he thinks it may not be able to handle much of anything...
  9. Shadowtuy

    Third party keyless entry?

    I was browsing around on AliExpress and I found something odd. As the title suggests it's a keyless entry made by "Fuzik." #Aliexpress US $320.00 | Fuzik Keyless Go Smart Key Keyless Entry Remote start Push Botton for vw Volkswagen jetta passta golf6 golf7 tiguan magotan cc...
  10. Shadowtuy

    Air noises after sun roof recall

    My car went in for a sun roof replacement and besides the body damage they left me with I now have an air noise when accelerating. The dealership is being a fucking nightmare and have done the worst service in my life. That being said I just want my car to run correctly.
  11. Shadowtuy

    Sound of high flow cat vs catless

    Soooooo i just what some opinions i have been looking at 2 down pipes. Catless Catted I'm mostly looking...
  12. Shadowtuy

    PLEASE HELP WITH GTI catback TO TSI down pipe!

    I'm loosing my mind and need help! I know people have done this before, Someone must know..
  13. Shadowtuy

    Lopsided noise as car accelerates at low speeds

    Went from a warped rear rotors (that the dealer replaced under warranty) to a lopsided noise at low speeds that I can only hear with the windows rolled up. As I accelerate the noise becomes faster till around 25 mph then it's gone. Is this just the new stuff working in or burning off? Or drag...
  14. Shadowtuy

    2016 golf 1.8 Dowpipe question

    So I found a stupid cheap Downpipe on ebay for like 90. It says its compatible with the 2.0 mk7 no mention of the 1.8. Will this fit or do I need a an adapter or something? link
  15. Shadowtuy

    Hello! I'm New

    Hey I'm new to the forum! I recently traded in my 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES for a 2016 Golf Tsi! I went from an i3 72HP to a turbo charged 4 cylinder @ 172HP. So as you can tell I spin tires way more often than I should :p. I was originally intending to wait out for a used GTI to come my way...