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  1. Jondar

    F/S VMR V710s 18x8.5 et35

    I purchased these a few years ago off a fellow forum member and they sat in the box since then. They have minor damage but are still in working condition. $400 OBO
  2. Jondar

    Part Out - 7.5 OEM Euro Tails, Golf R Headlights Replicas, Power Folding Mirrors w/ Dyna Blink, Yakima Roof Rack

    Hey All, Sad to see all of this go, it has been fun. MK7.5 Euro Tail Lights w/ JBale Harness - $750 MK7 Golf R Headlights, Ed's Replicas w/ DeAutokey HID, H7 6000 - $550 MK7 Fender Subwoofer - $150 MK7 Power Folding Mirrors w/Switch - $200 SOLD DynaBlink Turn Signals - $150 Unitronic...
  3. Jondar

    Pedal Covers, ECS Climate Control Ring Kit, OBD Insert Adapter for Glove Box, GTI E-Brake Red Leather Boot

    MK7 Pedal Covers - $20 shipped MK7 Golf ECS Climate Control Ring Kit, Blue Anodized - $25 shipped MK7 Golf SouthPawBostons OBD Insert - $20 shipped GTI E Brake Red Leather Boot - $20 shipped
  4. Jondar

    MK7 5 Door Yakima Baseline Tower Roof Racks, WeatherTech Wind Deflectors, Rear Window Side Spoiler Wings (Pair), OEM GTI Grill

    MK7 Golf Yakima BaseLine Tower Roof Racks w/ SKS Lock Cores and Windshield - $475 MK7 Golf WeatherTech Window Deflectors - $50 SOLD MK7 Golf Rear Window Side Spoiler Wing - $20 MK7 OEM GTI Grill - $100
  5. Jondar

    For Sale - CTS Turbo Muffler Delete & Boomba Blow Off Valve Adapter

    MK7 Golf CTS Turbo Muffler Delete - $50 SOLD MK7 Golf Boomba Racing Blow Off Valve Adapter - $50
  6. Jondar

    MK7 Part Out - MK7.5 OEM Euro Tails, MK7 Golf R Headlight Ed's Replicas, MK7 Power Folding Mirrors, Fender Subwoofer, Uniconnect Cable, DeAuto Key LED

    Heya, I am parting out my 2016 Golf 1.8 TSI w/ all of its goodies and bringing it back to stock. I'm sad to see all of this go, it's been fun! MK7.5 OEM Euro Tail Lights w/ JBale Harness - $700 MK7 Golf R Headlights, Ed's Replicas w/ DeAutokey HID, H7 6000 - $550 MK7 Fender Subwoofer - $125...
  7. Jondar

    WTB Neuspeed RSe05 Black or Gunmetal

    As the title explains, I'm looking to buy a set of RSe05's in either black or gunmetal. I don't mind a little bit of wear. I'm located in Socal, I can pick up or pay for shipping if reasonably priced.
  8. Jondar

    FS: DeAutoKey Reverse and Brake LEDs | 034 Dogbone Insert Version 1

    They are about a month old, and they work great. I have no need for them anymore as I have 7.5 Tails. DeAutoKey Reverse LEDs - $30 SOLD DeAutoKey Brake/Turn/Tail LEDs - $70 (4 Quality LED's in perfect condition)SOLD Also selling 034 Dogbone Insert - I bought the wrong insert and it has not...
  9. Jondar

    Auto Folding Mirrors not functioning

    I installed the auto folding mirrors today and the folding doesn't work with the knob or with remote. I've coded them with OBD Eleven and also enabled the settings in the infotain. I am thinking I do not have the correct control modules. The modules I have are 5Q0 959 393/392 E, can anyone...
  10. Jondar

    Airbag Error after seat swap

    I recently swapped seats with a GTI owner with my Golf seats, all electronics work, however there is a airbag error that won't clear. Scanned with obdeleven and I get a central electrics 9 fault and airbag 15 fault. OBDeleven data log Trouble codes: U112300 - Databus error value...
  11. Jondar

    Excessive engine vibration/movement

    I have recently been having a lot of engine movement while reversing and I didn't think about it too much at the time, but now it is happening more frequently. It is also happening now while I am driving forwards. Usually while idled at a stop sign/or light, as soon as I accelerate normally I...
  12. Jondar

    Question: Helix Soundbox

    I have been seeing a lot of posts regarding the Helix Sub and upgrading. I have a Golf TSI SE, which came with Fender Audio and a Helix Sub fitted inside of the spare. Is there an upgrade to this sub, what exactly is the dongle used for?
  13. Jondar

    Jondar's 1.8 TSI LAIG (Learn As I Go)

    I had zero knowledge of cars before purchasing my MK7, I could maybe change a tire. I have learned a lot as I've looked into purchasing and installing mods to customize my car. I wasn't originally going to record everything I've done, but in looking around there aren't many 1.8 builds on here...
  14. Jondar

    WTS: 17" Madrids with Continental Tires - $1100

    17" VW Madrid wheels with Continental ProContact 225/45 R17 91H Tires I am located in Southern California; willing to sell in person or ship domestic. They have about 7000 miles on them, no scratches at all, and tires have above 90% tread. $1100 obo
  15. Jondar

    Need Input: Quote to install Springs

    I recently got a quote from Autuning to install H&R Super Sport springs on my 1.8T for $400, including the alignment. Is this standard? Thanks.