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  1. Bryans12v

    Performance Monitor for VAG cars (work in progress)

    Because there are no instructions provided from VW to do this retro fit. I would have to do the research/order parts/code/etc.
  2. Bryans12v

    Performance Monitor for VAG cars (work in progress)

    Damn. Shouldve done more research before buying my 19 GTI. If I would've known all the cool tidbits about premium media I wouldn't of gotten a car with the crappy media package. Almost makes me want to retrofit it. I do work for a dealer and have access to all the wiring info and coding. Wonder...
  3. Bryans12v

    Snailmeat in sunny Singapore

    Bringing this thread back to life. Any updates on the oil cooler setup? I feel adding some fore/after ducting would aid in volume moving through the core and not around it. I'm considering something similar and curious how it had worked since the install.
  4. Bryans12v

    ECM service campaign? Action Code 24FX

    The info posted above is also all we dealers got. I can check the campaign circular in the morning to verify. This update was released earlier this month. Havent had mine updated yet as I'd have to pull my tune and who wants to do that.
  5. Bryans12v

    Selling cts catch can

    If shipping becomes an option, let me know.
  6. Bryans12v

    Free: Brand new ECS diverter spacer and euro block off plate.

    Bought this stuff about a month ago with a gift gard that had a couple bucks on it. Never installed. Ended up getting a whole intake kit. I'm sure most here are well beyond these mods but if any locals want it, more than welcome to it. I'm in Newburgh NY.
  7. Bryans12v

    Bear Mountain Runs (Ongoing)

    You guys ever venture across the BM Bridge and hit the goat trail (202/6)? Also, ill be sure to let everyone know once rt218 opens. Its one of my fav driving roads.. I'm in the Town of Newburgh.. Where are all you guys from?
  8. Bryans12v

    Bear Mountain Runs (Ongoing)

    Glad I found you guys! I'm just about 15 mins north of the Bear Mountain area and looking forward to the next gtg or drive! Following with interest!
  9. Bryans12v

    Anybody have a Helix Dongle in the NY Metro Area?

    I'm also about an hour north of NYC in the Newburgh/wallkill area. Installed my helix sub last night and could use a dongle to program! Please let me know! I'd be willing to drive anywhere and pay you for your time and kindness!