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  1. turbojzrr

    Oil for track driving

    Looking for suggestions of oil to use. Thinking of 15W50 Mobil 1 but not sure if that is the best for mk7 golfs. Does it need to meet 502 VW specs when it is that thick?
  2. turbojzrr

    Aftermarket Turbo Inlet Pipe, can it pass smog?

    Can aftermarket TIP pass smog? is this checked? I am thinking of going OEM airbox with berger or revo turbo inlet one piece with pipe.
  3. turbojzrr

    Turbojzrr's build: low NVH streetable time-attack car with warranty - 2019 R

    Thanks for checking out my build thread. New to these forums, I have a 2019 R with 5k miles in the San Fransisco Bay Area. I'm a turbo car guy and have owned an R32 GTR's and 6 Nissan 240sx with various engine swaps. I also currently have 2 RR bikes (CBR600RR and CBR 1000RR) and hence my...
  4. turbojzrr

    Thoughts on WedSports TC105x?

    Anyone experienced with these? WedSports TC-105x? They're supposed to be super light weight at 16.4 lbs for 18x8.5. I like the look as well and the fitment is better than the RPF1's Some people have said that they crack easily. Is this true?
  5. turbojzrr

    2019 Golf R, tracking. Are baffled catch cans necessary?

    Looking to spend quite a bit of time on the track next year. I understand that the newer MK7.5's have a reworked PCV valve. Would you guys say that the likes of the VWR catch can will make a difference preventing oiling / smoke problems?
  6. turbojzrr

    How do you mount your go-pro for track recording?

    Mine vibrates like mad and I've already tested a few mounts. Any suggestions would be appreciated