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  1. PeteM1965

    Air conditioning only blows cold when moving

    Hi all I have a 2018 GTI SE with manual climate control. The A/C blows ice cold when the car is moving. But when in stop and go traffic or idling it is barely cooled at all. I had a similar problem with a BMW which turned out to be a broken condenser fan. Does the GTI have a condenser fan? Thanks
  2. PeteM1965

    Anybody have a Helix Dongle in the NY Metro Area?

    Hi all I'm new to VW and just got my first GTI. A 2018 SE in Great Falls Green. I ordered a Helix and was planning on installing it this weekend and was wondering if there was any one local who had a dongle to rent, as the current rental thread is running 3-4 weeks. Thanks Peter