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  1. mr-fix

    Disable "Check SAFELOCK!" reminder

    Each time you turn the ignition off you see "Check SAFELOCK! Owner's manual!" message which looks like a fault but actually it's just a reminder that car is equipped with deadlocks - once locked you can not open the door from inside (for example after breaking the window). If someone stays in...
  2. mr-fix

    Enabling ACC speed adjustment with 1mph increments

    Been driving my MK7 for 2 years now and finally found the setting to tweak the ACC buttons operation. By default: if you press [+] or [-] buttons on the steering wheel you will change your adaptive cruise control settings by 5mph (or 10km/h). And for 1mph precision you need to use RES or SET...
  3. mr-fix

    mr-fix wagon TDI

    I thought I would share some info about my MK7 as well. Euro wagon, entry level Urano Grey paint, FWD 2.0TDI + DSG (DQ250), stock wheels, a lot of LEDs added to the car. Some of you will probably know the car from my YouTube channel. Interior [Done] Installed OEM LED interior lights (front +...