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    Is it normal for the AC to turn on without hitting the button?

    I love my car, but one of the things that annoy me is the AC turning itself on, even though I don't hit the button itself. For example, today I had the heat turned up slightly between blue and red. When I was warm enough, I turned it off by moving the dial all the way into the blue, then the AC...
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    Gas cap loosens too easily

    I was wondering if it's normal for the fuel cap to unscrew itself fairly easily. I always open the fuel door and wash inside during a car wash. When my wash mitt comes in contact with the plastic tether piece, it unscrews itself. I'm concerned that I've gotten water in there another time when I...
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    Android Auto developer settings 720p video output

    I can't seem to find the 6.5" screen resolution for my 2018 GTI S. Is there any benefit to enabling 720p or even 1080p output in the Android Auto developer settings? Any other recommended tweaks or AA guides out there that I should know about? I've already checked off "request video focus on start."
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    Android Auto won't work on 2018 GTI S

    I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 that worked flawlessly with Android Auto on my 2016 Civic, but when I tried to connect on my new GTI, I kept getting messages that said it couldn't read the USB device, or something like that. I made sure it was in file transfer mode. I tried everything, including...
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    Rear license plate screw size

    I went to the local hardware store to get some stainless steel screws to replace the mild steel rear license plate screws the dealership installed, but couldn't find a match. Does anyone know the thread pitch, so I can order some online? Thank you.
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    Are color changing wheel cleaners like Iron X safe for GTI wheels & calipers?

    I just learned about iron decontamination sprays after I had my new GTI ceramic coated recently. I bought some Optimum Ferrex to use for a decontamination wash when the time comes. I've always avoided wheel cleaners after having had bad experiences with them years ago. Since then, I've just used...