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    OEM white mirror caps

    Hello, im interested in the caps. Do you still have them?
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    WTB: Low Profile Rear Headrests - Black with White Stitching

    I bought a set of oem low profile rear headrests last October from mk.7.r (member) for $305 total. They were OEM and made a big difference in rear visibility. While I thought it was pricey at the time, I love ‘em.
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    Carrier bars

    I’ll take em’. Will PM you to make arrangements
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    WTB 18 inch Durban

    WTB 18 inch Durban wheels. Seattle area
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    Window tinting

    Hello, I live in Poulsbo and was quoted $799 for tinting my 2017 Golf with 3m Crystalline. That seem so like a lot. Is that a reasonable price? Also can anyone give recommendations for reputable shops that do tinting in the Seattle Tacoma area? Thanks!