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    Misfire after Unitronic Stage 2 IS20

    Another misfire thread! I was previously on Unitronic Stage 2 (downpipe and intercooler upgrades only) and never had an EPC light. Just installed a basically brand new IS20 turbo and flashed to the Unitronic Stage 2 IS20 file, and now got an EPC light and some codes under boost: Cyl 1 Misfire...
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    Tuned 1.8 Tsi long term reliability

    Currently have downpipe, intercooler, and stage 2 tune. Auto 6spd (non dsg), with 27k miles on it. Considering upgrading to an is20 and the next stage up for a tune, but want to get some input on it’s longer term reliability. Since I’m flashed, It would likely cause some headache if anything...
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    Eliminating timing corrections on Unitronic Stage 2?

    Hi everybody, Just did a downpipe and Unitronic Stage 2 flash on an otherwise stock 1.8T Golf 6spd Auto (non DSG). Still have my JB4 plugged in on Map 0, and ran a few logs. Our "94 octane" up here in Canada sucks. In 3rd gear I'm seeing anywhere from 0.5 to 1.6 for timing corrections in...
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    WTB: is20 turbo

    Located in Vancouver BC. Looking to upgrade from my is12 on my stock 1.8 TSI.
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    Unitronic Stage 1 Vs Stage 2 - worth it?

    I just went Unitronic Stage 1 on my stock Golf, and it definitely wakes up the car, but I still want more. Will doing a downpipe and jumping up to Stage 2 with my stock IS12 turbo really make THAT much difference in terms of performance and feeling? Unitronic only shows a 15hp and 18tq increase...
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    JB4 Map 1 vs Unitronic Stage 1

    Hi all I know the posted power levels are quite a bit higher with a flash tune, but looking for opinions and experience from folks who have ran a Jb4 with Map 1 and then upgraded to Unitronic Stage 1 tune. How much do you notice the increase in power? Is it worth it to potentially risk any...
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    Euro Switch with level labelling?

    Looking for suggestions on where to buy a Euro switch (with auto mode) where the labelling is level when it's installed. I know they can be had from AliExpress etc and they do work, but seems like once installed and locked in place, the writing is crooked. Thanks for all your help!
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    Spulen or Bilstein Coilovers?

    Hi all, I have a 2017 Golf 1.8T, and am looking to change over from my VWR springs on stock shocks to potentially coilovers. Other option is just to upgrade to the Bilstein shocks, which I know is a good upgrade. Does anyone have experience with the Spulen Competition or Bilstein Performance...
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    Review: Ed's Golf R Style Headlights for MK7

    I just wanted to share some info, and output shots of Ed's Golf R style projector headlights for the MK7. Previous to buying, I couldn't actually find any detailed information or photos of what I was looking for with regards to the quality of projector these use, light output and beam pattern...
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    JB4 O2 Sensor Patch Harness?

    Hey all, I know there is a write up listing part numbers to make your own harness to avoid splicing into one of the O2 sensor wires when hooking up the one wire from the JB4 unit, but does anyone know if this effectively would do the same thing and mate up to the connectors correctly? I have a...
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    WTB: JB4 + Bluetooth for 1.8 TSI

    Looking for Group 3 JB4. Preferably with bluetooth module, but also could buy that separate. Thanks
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    New hardware when doing lowering springs?

    Hi all I will be doing a set of VWR lowering springs on my 2017 Golf 1.8T (basically brand new, only has 900 miles on it). For curiosity, I asked my local VW dealership how much to install, and they quoted me of course, but I found it interesting they mentioned ALL new hardware is necessary...