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    Reintroducing myself, transitioned from a GTI to an R

    Hi everyone, Second intro, I joined a couple years back as the owner of a Mk7 GTI, sadly last year a semi-truck decided it wanted the lane space the GTI & I were in, while the GTI & I were still in it, and the poor car suffered enough damage that it would never be its true self again. After...
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    Unsettling behavior under hard braking

    Hi everyone, My GTI has a very unsettling behaviour under what I call sporty braking. First some details: - Bought the car used last winter, 2014 Performance edition, 25k miles - car has the electronic suspension options and the LSD that comes with the performance package. 6-spd manual...
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    Track & sport driving meets in Germany?

    Hi everyone, I live in Germany and am hoping to find an autocross-type group or sports car club or something of that nature. Plenty of racetracks around, but I'd like to learn to handle the car in a less risky environment before I go that route. Anyone have a link or reference? Thanks :)
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    Hello from Frankfurt,

    Hi Everyone, I couldn't find anywhere designated for a first post, so I'll introduce myself here. Hi =) I'm a GTI driver, 2014 Performance edition, got the car at the end of last year and already have put over 20k km on it because it's my work car and I work all over northern Europe. I hope to...