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    Urgent please help, has this happened to anyone else?

    The clips could have been cracked when it was removed to install the hose, and just took until now to fully break
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    How would you re-gear your car if you could?

    I have the 8-speed Aisin unit, the AWF8F35, and despite the numbers below, 1 to 2 feel pretty close and make sense but in D the 2-3 shift feels like it you lifted off the gas at times. In S it does feel better, so I'm guessing there isn't enough boost being made in D as opposed to S. So if I had...
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    Spyder Auto fog light install?

    My Golf's trim level did not come with fog lights, and its one of those things I don't necessarily need, but would be nice to have, especially if I could have clear housings but with a yellow bulb. Anyways, I came across these aftermarket housings and I'm wondering if anyone has installed them...
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    WTH have I done?

    Did your car eat Taco Bell recently? I recognize that mess anywhere..
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    Quietest tyres for a Golf GTi mk7.5

    I recently switched my 'summer' wheels to the Michelin CrossClimate (195/65r15 95V XL) and they are very very quiet most of the time, but on certain types of pavement I don't think you can ever eliminate noise completely. They also have great dry traction and are really comfortable. My stock...
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    What to buy? GTI or GLI? That is the question...

    If you will have a truck or suv while owning one, get the GLI. If not, GTI. That's my logic at least, the GLI should get better fuel economy as well from being more aerodynamic and be generally more comfortable if the actual wheelbase is longer
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    Best Oil and Oil Filter

    My car is stock so I just use an oem VW filter and oil. The VW branded 508, 0W-20 is weirdly one of the cheaper options from what I've seen and I can order 4 - 1L bottles instead of a 5L bottle
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    Weathertech Side Window Deflectors

    I have the oem VW ones, I don't find they make a difference for wind noise with the windows closed. No more, no less, despite saying they should reduce wind noise. For the windows down, I used to find that if I had the drivers window down a bit (a little to halfway), or just the front two fully...
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    2017 Golf R part out

    Do the rear mats cover the tunnel/hump area on the floor?
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    SportWagen is BestWagen. Change my mind!

    Wouldn't the Alltrack be the best wagen?
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    Mk7 GTI Stern Rear Brace review (and iSweep) - 8.5/10, great mod!

    Would this fit a 2019 Golf 1.4t? The website just lists 'VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVII (15+) 2.0T' which would mean it wouldn't fit the 1.8t cars either?
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    How to retro-fit the rear subframe harmonic damper from the Audi A3 Saloon (2013->)

    I think it really just comes down to the type of asphalt that you're driving on...90% of the time I think this would be a waste of money but then once I'm on a very specific kind on asphalt, usually the lighter grey kind, I feel like I need this as well as new tires.
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    Gas Quality Debate Shell, Petro, etc.

    When I first got my Golf I used Canadian Tire 87, then I switched to 91 and I didn't genuinely feel a huge difference in acceleration but it did seem to idle more smoothly. I then switched to Shell 91 and I did notice stronger acceleration afterwards. Maybe it took a couple months to finally...
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    Coolant Leaking Update

    No, it is not. Unless we have different reservoirs, mine is like the picture above as well
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    Coolant Leaking Update

    The 'bowl' is supposed to be half empty, the max fill line is around the middle of the tank.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    What was involved with installing the splitter? Did it just use existing holes?
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    VW winter steelie cap set for Golfs?

    I bought my steelies from Canadian Tire, so they are definitely not VW and they fit perfectly. As long as you have a 5x112 bolt pattern and the OEM lug bolts (I assume) you should be fine
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    VW winter steelie cap set for Golfs?

    I managed to get them from my local VW dealer yesterday, I was amazed they had them in stock...normally they don’t have anything I need on hand aha. They snap on to the regular lug nuts great, I’m not sure if it’s clipped onto the security nut but it seems to really be on tight overall. And as...
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    VW winter steelie cap set for Golfs?

    I just looked at the part numbers on VWs site again, 5N0071456XRW is black with chrome VW logo and the 5N0601169 XRW is completely blacked out. They used the same picture for both which might have led to my confusion 😅 Weird, I wonder why only Tiguans are listed in the compatible vehicles...
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    VW winter steelie cap set for Golfs?

    Has anyone come across anything similar to these that would fit our cars? The only ones I can find seem to only fit Tiguans from 09-19, I'm assuming because their hub bores are 66.6 and ours are 57.1. The part #s I've found for the Tiguan caps are: 5N0071456XRW 5N0601169XRW