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    Moving to Shaw Afb, South Carolina

    So looks like I’m being sent to SC. I know nothing about this area except I went to basic close to here. anyone help me out? Also looking for legit tuners because my evo will need a retune when it gets there.
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    Annoying noise

    Just installed koni fsd shocks and struts. Also used 034 Motorsports rear shock mounts or whatever they are called. Now I’m getting a sound that is very much like the sound the damn bump stops make when sliding onto the shocks shaft. It’s annoying as hell. Everything was installed properly so I...
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    Are these coils worth it?

    Kinda wondering if our stock coils need a boost
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    Need all season recommendations

    I know a lot of people don’t like all seasons. Where I am at (Germany) they are actually more preferred. I have been looking at Yokohama and Kumho’s. I would like to know what others think. Please if the only response is “all seasons suck” or “don’t use them” then just omit submitting an...
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    Inbay wireless charger

    It's not very good at all. No matter how you position the phone it will not stay connected. It may charge for a few minutes, but then it will beep loudly and disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. Very annoying. It also charges incredibly slowly when it is working. Using their (inbay) case on my...
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    Cigarette lighter wires

    I need to get to the cigarette lighter's wires. I'm trying to do this without taking apart the center console or having to use a special socket from snap on. Does anyone have any simplified ideas on how to do this? I bought the Inbay wireless charger and I need a power source for it
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    Strange noise related to throw out bearing

    a few days ago my car started making a weird noise. It only happens when the clutch is pushed in. It's a whirring sound, gets louder and higher pitched with increase in engine rpm. It goes away whenever the clutch is released. I suspect it's the throw out bearing but I never heard one do this...
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    Strange issue with license plate lights

    I am getting some strange error and also having a problem with one of the license plate lights. These are still oem bulbs, no leds anywhere. The issue is one side lights up. I took the bulb out and it looked fine. I switched it into the other socket and it worked. Weird thing is I pulled the...
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    Tips for installing awe catback

    Got my awe tuning track exhaust. Had a lot of issues trying to get it aligned properly. Damn t bolt clamp broke from me over tightening. Decided to call it a day without the tips. Anyone have any tips and tricks for installing? I hate slip fit
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    Sach's clutch questions

    just real quick, because I am looking at getting one and want to go pick it up next week 1. can you use the oem flywheel without resurfacing, especially if there is only less than 12000 miles on it? 2. has anyone used this clutch with an is38??
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    Flushing out system with motul dot5.1

    I got a liter of this stuff. Is it safe to use? It's he non silicone version
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    Facebook group for meets, etc.

    just wanted to let everyone know there is a facebook group for people living/stationed in europe.
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    Preparing for the worst, new clutch recomendations

    I am having issues with my BFI stage 3 clutch. I have a separate thread about it. BFI is getting involved and hopefully there will be a solution, but I want to have my ducks in a row just in case some strange installer/operator crap comes up and I end up having to shell out for a new clutch...
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    BFI Stage 3 issues

    Welp, I am getting fed up with this damn clutch kit. I had it installed in late november, everything was fine, i broke in the clutch and waited till 550-600 miles before i gave it a bootful. it was fine for a day or two, then i had an odd problem, in which while driving in first gear, pushing in...
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    big bass options from one sub?

    currently i have two sa-12's in the back in a ported box, really thinking this was a bad idea. no room for groceries, and the subs are pretty heavy. i have been thinking about getting a single sub in a smaller box so i have room for groceries nd camera equipment. any ideas? i really like having...
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    Need recomendation for a legit shop Williamsburg area

    My friend finally got a mk7, but has no time, know how or tools do install his goodies that are coming for the car. simple stuff like downpipe, intake, blah blah blah. anyone know a trustworthy and legit shop close by? Williamsburg Virginia?
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    Anyone try aftermarket head units?

    Has anyone tried the alpine x901d-g7 or pioneer avid-evo1 yet? I have been looking at these two for a while and wondering about them
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    any photoshoots using a model?

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    Wtb catback exhaust

    Looking for cts or awe catback, but let me know what you have. Need it shipped via USPS to 09096
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    F/S APR, Injen, CTS and ECS goodies

    All sold thanks!!!