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  1. bfury5


    Selling my 17x7.5" Sparco Assetto Gara wheels with Continental Wintercontact Si tires. I've had these wheels for the last 3 years and they were for my dedicated autox tires in the summer, and winter tires in the winter. Overall wheels are in good shape, no curb rash or dings/dents. They show...
  2. bfury5

    Shop for Wavetrac Install

    Hey guys, I'm quoting around a few shops in MA/NH/CT to get a wavetrac and clutch installed. Does anyone have specific experience at any shops with a wavetrac install? So far I've reached out to: -Excelerate Performance (CT) -Zak's Auto (NH) -Auto Engineering (MA)
  3. bfury5


    The time has (finally) come to part ways with these. I tried to get rid of them last year but couldn't convince myself, but I need the space for a new set of autox wheels this time around. These have been bulletproof for the last 6 years, and IMO the best looking OEM wheels from VW. See full...
  4. bfury5

    SOLD: 986 Boxster Calipers and Apikol Mounting Brackets (NQSBBK)

    Selling my 986 Boxster setup which includes the calipers, pads, Apikol brackets, and proper banjo bolts to be used with OEM lines. I bought these and repainted them myself, they look 8/10 in most places with a few scrapes here and there and bubbling from brake fluid during install. Functionally...
  5. bfury5

    WTB: 18x9" Lightweight wheels (New England area)

    Looking to pick up a set of 18x9" wheels before race season. Ideally under 19lbs per wheel, ~45mm offset. Anything considered for the right price!