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  1. ObeyMyFast!

    Bieber with a lambo??? WTF Apparently he was already given a Range Rover... oooooh boy EDIT: It might not be his.... sorry for the freakout.
  2. ObeyMyFast!

    Some bish drove my car without my permission, kinda.

    So as many of you know, I'm in china right now. Before I left, I told my relatives (kinda, stepmom's cousins) that they (they are 20 year old russian twins) could drive my car AROUND THE BLOCK ever other week, to make sure the battery didnt die, etc... Fast foreward to last week (about 2 weeks...
  3. ObeyMyFast!

    Veyron sets new record I hope this isnt a repost.
  4. ObeyMyFast!

    So I'm in Beijing...

    So yea, im interning in beijing right now. Anybody else ever been here? Its my 2nd time, my first was when I went to the baseball games with the padres and dodgers (2008). One thing I have to mention is the air quality. I swear to god, the smog here is the worst I have ever seen, and that...
  5. ObeyMyFast!

    My first post on

    So in my first post, I was helping a really nice guy out with the GTI he just bought for his son. I told him about the cam follower issues, reccomended brands for x, y, z... And I told him he might want to check out, and shoot me a PM once he gets here. Anyway, I ended up getting...
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    I just got CS5!!!!!! Anybody else here have it? :happyanim:
  7. ObeyMyFast!

    Guy converts Gallardo to Mustang... WHAT?!
  8. ObeyMyFast!


    Anyone here ride? Im thinking about upgrading to an 09 YZ450F... thoughts?
  9. ObeyMyFast!

    The Horror

    32yyvmlGOdo&feature=player_embedded rofl @ "I'm pretty sure its a Lambo..."
  10. ObeyMyFast!

    How to wake up your girlfriend

  11. ObeyMyFast!

    Why the hell would they do this?

    So, im a Junior in high school. I obviously love my car, and everybody knows it. Nobody else in my school really gives a rat's ass about their car (save for about 3 people). So, today im just gettin to leave, I get in my car, then these three guys come up and sit on my hood. Im 305205x stronger...
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    Make Over

  13. ObeyMyFast!


    Lol... What should I say next?
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    Gymkhana 2.1

  15. ObeyMyFast!

    Socially Awkward Penguin

  16. ObeyMyFast!

    Worst bands ever!!!!

    Qa6qpgLvH30 I cant believe they are this bad.... (btw, yes I know nickelback is prolly #1 worst lol) any other additions?
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    ggH-ObiUWEE&feature=player_embedded FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  18. ObeyMyFast!

    The Skinny-Pack

    This has to be one of my biggest pet-peeves... when a guy has ABSOLUTELY NO MUSCLE!!! But has a six pack, because they are lean, and everybody (girls included) think he is the buffest guy in the world, because of this skinny-pack that he happens to be rockin. ugh... Do you guyz know what im...
  19. ObeyMyFast!

    Pickup Trucks?

    e60VhXBo1S8 Watcha guys think?
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    Penis Art

    Q0sQA9ILZSU&feature=player_embedded sry if this is a repost...