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    Golden Bay

    Sexy interior
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    Test Drove GTI Competitors

    Test drove a 2009 Honda Civic Si 2 door and a 2009 CObalt SS T/C 2dr mind you i have never driven a GTI so i don't no how they would compare. The Civic is a screamer. Sounds like a complete animal when i was in VTEEEEK. Pulls pretty hard too, but again there was no low end torque. The shift's...
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    She has a BF Hope its not a repost!
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    New Vehicle for Pops

    My dad's lease is ending on his 525XI and he is in the market for a new car. Now we go skiing 3-4 times a year, and try to go up as a family but the new car shouldnt be only for that, just for consideration. I have taken 2 of my buddies with all skiis/boards and gear in my car up north and it...
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    Car is shaking

    My dad just got his tires changed on his 2006 BMW 525XI. He has 100,000KM on the original tires and got it chagned to all seasons, from all seasons. Now when he got them changed, he did not get the alignment done originally. So the car was shaky when slowing down to 20-40kmh from higher speeds...
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    Need for speed: undercover

    looking forward to this game alot. will be picking it up on the PC. i would have also gotten Midnight club but i dont have PS3 or 360. anyone else looking forward? i like how the street racing part of it is back :)
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    Civic SI

    My friend just took me for a spin in his white 2 door civic si, i didnt realize that those didn't have turbos but instead 'vteks' which act as a turbo i suppose? he said they kick in at 6000 rpm to 8000rpm redline. that thing screams revs, they are so high hah he was ripping around and it...