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  1. Ezekiel81923

    Rennwagen quality and fitment issues

    Correct. The Strafe diffuser is the same in that the top is open. If you want to toss some more screws through your stock valance, or futz with double sided tape, you can secure it tight up top but it's not going to be flapping around as you drive. You press or pull on most body panels /...
  2. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I'm on H&R Sports but upgraded the shocks and struts to B8's too. The Bilstein's have internal stops up front so I don't run the stockers, and the springs came with shorter rear bump stops. -1.8 degrees camber in the front and 220tw tires. H&R 26mm RSB and a subframe brace in the back. I've...
  3. Ezekiel81923

    Used GTI prices are nearly as high as those for new MK7.5s

    Back in August my '19 S was only about 1,100 cheaper than a new '20 Autobahn where I was shopping. The '19 had low miles, a longer warranty and was my color preference so it still won out but I was very surprised.
  4. Ezekiel81923

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    I have 10mm spacers from 42DD that fit in the back. They're technically apaters as they are 57.1 hubcentric on one side and wheel centric to my 66.56 wheels. The 57.1 side sits nice and flush though so I assume they would fit regardless of what you order the wheel side at.
  5. Ezekiel81923

    Don't Sell your OEM downpipes!! read for the reasoning.

    People selling them on FB know they're selling them to scrappers. They're instructed to cut the downpipe themselves "here, and here" to save on shipping because the buyers only want the cats. It's a very transparent transaction, I've inquired about it before but have not sold mine. It's a...
  6. Ezekiel81923

    Torque Wrenches

    I have a 1/2" Tekton that'll do 10ftlb to 150ftlb. It's been reliable for the 8 months and 5 jobs I've needed it for and wasn't expensive. Suspension bits, bracing and my exhaust were the only times I really relied on it, I've never used a torque wrench for wheel bolts / spark plugs / oil...
  7. Ezekiel81923

    Custom Spoiler Extension (Gathering Interest)

    I probably drive my car too little and wash my car too often to tell, but my hatch still gets dirty with the spoiler. It's also pollen city over here right now so that might be the real problem. I'm watching the pollen blow around the backyard from my kitchen and the window glass is a lovely...
  8. Ezekiel81923

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Anyone know where Trackslag puts the cat on their downpipes? I went looking for photos of examples and can't find any. Trying to figure if it's before or after the lower o2 sensor. If it's below it and the cat is on the long straight section that mates to the midpipe then I might forego the...
  9. Ezekiel81923

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Haven't modified the car in 6 days and it was making me anxious so I picked up a new microfiber sponge for cleaning my wheels, some chemical guys wheel cleaner, and ordered some liquimoly on Amazon so I can do my oil this weekend. I've only driven the car 3400 miles since I got it but the oil...
  10. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Where was this? Just curious because policing in my corner of SEPA seems to vary widely, town to town, and 20 minutes down the road where I grew up there is a much larger presence yet they hardly serve any purpose.
  11. Ezekiel81923

    Emission Service Action 24FX

    Had this done today, don't really notice any difference.
  12. Ezekiel81923

    Car Meets?

    Yea I saw Steel Stacks postponed everything for now. Malvern C&C is looking for a new spot. Chester Springs C&C meets every Saturday so I'll end up there a few times if nothing else pops up. Just figured with social media and the like that it'd be easier to find more localish meet ups that...
  13. Ezekiel81923

    Car Meets?

    Resurrecting this one... Anyone here frequent any of the C&C meets in SEPA? Chester Springs, Steel Stacks, anything like that? I rushed through the winter trying to get my car mostly ready for spring and now I want to get out. Would be cool to ride up with some other VW people or meet some...
  14. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    AWE track exhaust installed No action shots to speak of, I was kind of in a rush.
  15. Ezekiel81923

    Building Otto

    AWE Track exhaust installed this morning. I had to get a new exhaust clamp for where the downpipe mates to the catback, the bolts were corroded and I could not back the nuts off enough to loosen it. 11k miles, pretty crazy. That required cutting the old one off, which shredded one cutting...
  16. Ezekiel81923

    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    Gave it a quick bath this morning. Too lazy to pull out all the fixin's so we just went with the hose and two buckets.
  17. Ezekiel81923

    What springs(or)coilovers are you running?

    Bilstein B8's with H&R sport springs and the Audi TT coil insulators in the rear. Should be about 1-1/4" drop up front, a little less in the rear. It feels firmer, but it's not all that dissimilar to stock. Our roads are pretty trash but I haven't scraped or bounced off the bump stops yet. I...
  18. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    @StorableComa Thanks for the info. I'm definitely not getting the one nut that far. I think I'll try to pick one up from a dealer tomorrow and then cut the old one off. Just not sure when I'll have time to be able to give it another go
  19. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I can get to the nuts, and I can probably get the one off but the other is so rusted and corroded that after a few threads it stops moving at all and I'm pretty sure at this point I'm just rounding it. There's not enough room to get anything more than a small socket wrench up there and that's...
  20. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Started uninstalling my stock exhaust, then stopped, then re-secured it. That forward clamp where the mid-pipe meets the downpipe is a bitch. I'm probably going to cut it off, so I'll need a new one, so the new exhaust waits a few days more.