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  1. c31561

    FS: ECS Flush & Stud kit for stock offset wheels

    I recently changed from stock wheels to an ET45 offset wheel and no longer require spacers and I don't like the studs sticking out. These work great with stock wheels on a lowered car and the studs make installing wheels so much easier. Complete kit for sale: 2 x15mm spacer for front wheels 2...
  2. c31561

    Clutch experiences - DKM and RSR

    My clutch has just started to slip and looking for opinions. I have read through a bunch of threads and most of the mentioned clutches are DKM and the RSR, plus a few South Bend. Really looking to get user opinions of feel, longevity, and noise of the DKM vs RSR. The DKM is a dual disk...
  3. c31561

    FS: 034 Dynamic + Camber Mounts - SOLD

    See them on the 034 Motorsports website. Bought these and used them on the street for about 700 miles. As advertised, they greatly enhanced the handling and steering response. It was just a little to much on the street for me and I went back to the stock mounts. $225 shipped to your door...
  4. c31561

    Lessons learned -The "simple" oil change

    I will take the dumb-ass of the weekend award. The multi-function display has been chirping at me incessantly, reminding me to change the oil. Gathered material for a 30k service, to include the PP differential fluid change. Performed the following: - Clean and dry K&N air filter, coat with...
  5. c31561

    FS: 034 Motorsport Dynamic + Camber mounts

    The 034 Motorsport mounts work as advertised (Check out the reviews) and provide great improvement in steering, just to much camber for the street (for me). Would be great for a track platform. Will sell for $225 shipped. Like new, only about a 1,000 miles. From the website: "034Motorsport's...
  6. c31561

    Clear bra: Cleaning the edges?

    For those that have an XPEL or similar clear bra on their GTI's. I love the protection but I have noticed the edges of the material collect dirt and are very noticeable. I have not had good luck in cleaning the dirt and was wondering if anyone has had any luck? Open to ideas.
  7. c31561

    Option for adding amp to Fender system

    Happened to come across this system for VW vehicles utilizing a MOST150. This is an an interface to allow for amp addition. Pricey ($1,299) but another option to upgrade the Fender. ZEN-V advanced interface 12 channel analog output or TOSlink digital output. You could plug it directly into...
  8. c31561

    My MK7 stereo upgrade

    Just wanted to share what I am doing with my MK7 stereo. I have a 2017 Sport, which had most everything I want in the GTI: upgraded brakes, limited slip diff, 10hp boost, xenon lights, and the plaid interior, but the standard stereo. I listened to both the standard and the Fender, and I admit...
  9. c31561

    2017 Stereo upgrade

    The stereo sounds good, but I want to upgrade the quality. I have a bunch of equipment from my last car that I want to install (speakers, amp, DSP, & sub) but need a little help from the knowledgeable people here. I have all the wiring diagrams & repair manuals for the MK7 (best $35 I ever...
  10. c31561

    Another new owner

    Hey all, just wanted to say hi and looking forward to the conversations. Been a VW guy for a while, finally stepping up to a 2017 Sport GTI. Still have my MKV, so this should be a fun comparison.