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    Cleaning instrument cluster

    How is everyone cleaning their interior instrument cluster plastic to prevent scratches? On my previous cars I always used a dry microfiber and wiped them, I tried that on my gti and I noticed some swirls in the direct sun. I have been reading around and it seems people aren’t able to even...
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    19 GTI rabbit

    Hi, I've got a 19 GTI rabbit in pure white, it has the 18" black pretoria stock wheels. I like the stock wheels but I'm contemplating maybe going to different rims, what wheel do you guys think would look best or do you think I should stick with the stock rims?
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    undercarriage spraying

    With winter salt on the roads I took my car in the manual wash bay to spray it down. I also used the sprayer in spot free rinse mode and sprayed the undercarriage on all sides. This won't do any harm, right? The undercarriage sprayers people roll under their cars spray everything.
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    Buying used gti

    Hi guys, I will be buying a used mk7 gti and will be taking to get a pre purchase inspection before I buy. Do you guys recommend I take to a VW dealer for that (anyone know the cost) or a place like Midas?
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    WTB - 16,17 GTI

    Hello, in need of a car, looking to buy a 16 or 17 GTI with performance package. Let me know? Thanks
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    Used gti manual

    Hey guys, I’m looking to buy a used cheaper car until some new models come out and wanted it to be a manual so I can learn on a cheaper car. Was thinking like a 2015/16 manual gti or 2015/16 wrx or a 09-11 civic si. Which one you think would be best, does the manual suck on the gti? I’ve heard...
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    buying GTI - couple questions

    hey guys, I will be without a car coming up in a couple weeks so I will be buying a GTI. Might pick up a slightly used rabbit automatic or a leftover new 2019 SE. One question I have, I believe the rabbit has the smaller 6.5" unit, does this unit have Sirius radio? If not are you guys doing...
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    buying GTI

    Hi Guys, I will be buying a GTI in following weeks and would like some advice. I do want plaid seats and hid lights so looking at my options it's either a 2018 SE with cloth seats or a 2019 rabbit, I'm not even sure a 2020 gti comes with hid and cloth seats? Also, the 2019 came with 8 more hp...
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    car buyback

    Got a question for some advice, there is a class action lawsuit against Ford for the focus's around 2013-2016 era due to transmission, I filed for the buyback under the approved settlement and got approved. Part of the equation of how much money you get is what you paid for the car and they ask...
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    Ambient lighting

    I was test driving a 2019 gti the other day at night and I don't remember seeing ambient lighting in the cup holders or the foot wells of the car. Do the gti's have ambient lighting in these places? Also how bright can the light strips in the front doors be turned up, they seemed pretty dim...
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    2019 GTI colors

    Posting a poll to get opinions of 2019 gti colors.
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    2019 rabbits

    The 2019 US rabbits come with no sirius radio and 6.5" screen. What are you fellow rabbit owners doing to get sirius radio/better radio?
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    2019 GTI SE

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of grabbing a 2019 GTI SE with experience package. I kinda wanted to wait until winter was close to over so after January. I don't have experience with VW but do you think there will be enough 2019 gti se's left on the lots after Jan 2020 and wonder how much I would be...
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    Gti models

    Hello, been wanting to buy a gti but honestly can’t find the combo I would want to spend my money on. I want plaid seats, led headlights as and a good stock stereo(fender). Obviously, the lsd is a must as well. You literally can’t get plaid seats with a decent stereo/infotainment. The...
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    Tune and warranty

    Say you get a 2018 or 2019 gti with the 6 year warranty. What tune can you get away with that won’t void the warranty?
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    Golf r or type r

    Which do you think is harder to find from dealer, heard Honda dealers only get like 2 type r’s a year, is the golf r the same situation(can’t order one from dealer)?
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    depreciation GTI vs R

    Was researching depreciation between gti and r, I looked up the used car private party value on 2016 gti se and 16 R on kelly blue book , both with 50,000 miles. Gti se= 16,400 R=27,100 From my research you could get the R in 2016 for about 38-40,000. GTI SE for about 28,000 after deductions...
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    GTI/WRX depreciation

    Hey, Does this depreciation model seem correct between wrx and gti,? Thought the gti would of depreciated more compared to wrx? Got this information from KBB 5 year cost of ownership base wrx (26,200 fair market price) depreciation over 5 years Depreciation: $14,671 gti sport model (25,800...
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    place order or just buy off lot

    Hey Guys, i have never bought a new car, this will be my first time. Anyone ever prefer to just place an order and wait for it to arrive (I think wait is like 2 months) or just buy one off the lot? For some reason I wanted to order one and wait, so it would be even newer when I pick it up.