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  1. tpellegr


    Mounted and balanced Hyper Black Neuspeed RSe10 18x8.5 ET45, Tire Streets Accelera 651 Sport 235/40/18 . Tires are brand new, wheels have about 17k miles on them. Perfectly straight minor imperfections only. Local pickup preferred. Pics to come shortly.
  2. tpellegr

    24 Hours of Lemons - Teammates Wanted

    A few friends and I are thinking about putting a team together to compete in the 24 Hours of Lemons at Thompson Speedway August 7-8 2021 and are looking to recruit some team mates. Only prerequisites are a valid driver's license and willingness to get your hands dirty. For those of you new to...
  3. tpellegr

    RaceBox 50% Off Black Friday Deal

    Thought I'd post this here in case anyone was interested. Was dead set on the Aim Solo 2 DL, but this is a pretty solid deal! Anyone have experience with these?
  4. tpellegr

    Austins w/ APR BBK

    Hi all. I just emailed APR who confirmed their 6-Piston BBK w 350x34 Rotors will not fit inside the stock Austins that I use as a winter setup. Anyone have any experience with fitting the Austins with a BBK using spacers? Would like to avoid (if possible) buying an entire replacement winter...
  5. tpellegr

    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    Hi all. Stole this idea from but figured it would be great to have a thread to centralize lap times for the track junkies on this forum. (I want to know just how slow I am). Track name: Track location: Lap time: Year/model: Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: Estimated wheel...
  6. tpellegr

    Driving at (and over) the Limit

    Trying to put my off into the wall yesterday into perspective and was rereading some Ross Bentley that made me feel a bit better about it. After all, it’s a learning process and to develop your driving skills at the limit, you need to sometimes driver over that limit. Yesterday was a wake up...
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    Have decided to keep my car for the time being. Thank you.
  8. tpellegr

    Search for RWD Track/Weekend Car (70k Budget)

    Thinking about trading in the GTI next year or the year after, for something new. Looking for a RWD that is track ready, fun to drive, comes in a manual, and is below 70k. Considering the MX-5 Club RF, Shelby GT350, and the M2 Competition. What else should I look at?
  9. tpellegr

    Thompson Motorsport Park (CT)

    Thought I'd start a thread to share notes on Thompson Motorsports Park. It is one of the closest tracks to the Boston area (~1 hr drive for me) and hosts a lot events. Have driven the 1.7 mile road course during two separate HPDEs so far and it is technical with 11 turns and a fast straight...
  10. tpellegr

    Pure White Weekend Warrior

    Background & Build Notes: Hi everyone. I purchased my 2016 GTI 6MT S second hand in May 2018 with 22k miles. The car has the Lighting Package and is non-PP (smaller brakes and open-diff). I searched high and low for a 2-dr with the cloth Clark seats and no sunroof, and eventual found one listed...
  11. tpellegr

    Evo Performance Driving School

    Anyone have any experience with Evo performance driving school? I spectated the NER autoX event last weekend in Ayer, MA and several people mentioned it would be a good way for someone new to get as much course time as possible in a single day. I'm signed up for the July 15th Phase One course...
  12. tpellegr

    GTI Sightings

    Saw a modded MK7 on the corner of State and Congress in downtown Boston last night around 9:00pm. Sounded like stage 2 with pops and bangs. Lots of stickers and vinyl. Should've taken a picture of the rear plate but forgot. I think it was DZEEEE but don't rember. Here's a photo from the side...
  13. tpellegr

    Integrated Engineering Software Tune

    Thought I'd share, I reached out to IE today about the timetable for their MQB software development. Sounds like they are a few months away from offering a tune for the MK7 GTI to go along with their DP and IC. Curious to see how it compares to APR (as I currently use their stage 1 93 oct tune)...
  14. tpellegr

    BFI Heavy Weight Golf Ball Shift Knob - Install

    Hi All - I ordered the BFI heavy weight golf ball shift knob last week and it is arriving in the mail on Friday. Planning to do a quick writeup on the install if anyone is interested since I had a hard time finding one on the forums or youtube. Loctite and tools ready to go. Should be able to...