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    What would you make of this? 2018 GSW electrical gremlin.

    2018 GSW 4motion 6mt. APR stage 1 91 octane and some misc bits. NOTHING CRAZY! Just a well loved stage 1 wagon. WTF. So, i've had this issue happen to me 5 times now in the past 3 months. It went to my local dealer (who is APR authorized and who I have a good relationship with) and all they...
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    New to Pittsburgh area.

    New-er to the Pittsburgh area, living about 30 minutes north in Cranberry Township to be exact. Relocated about 7 months ago for work just before the pandemic hit. Currently in a 2018 GSW 4motion 6mt with APR st1 91 and a few other 'estate-ly' bits. Enjoying it here so far. Looking for some...
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    WTB: MK7 R front brake kit

    As the title states, I am looking for a low mileage MK7/7.5 Golf R front brake setup, preferably with dust shields. Looking for something clean and low mileage. Local would be great, but not a deal breaker. Who's done the Macan swap and has something stock/OEM to sell?! (located in the greater...
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    Just moved to Pitt (Cranberry Township/Mars)

    Hey all, my wife and I just relocated for work reasons and to be a bit closer to family after several years out west. We just got the move done last week, and are settling into our new existence about 30 minutes north of Pitt. What I was hoping to gather by posting this is if anyone has any...
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    Issue: Drivers side rear window won't roll down, child safety lock fault

    Hey all, bringing this issue over from my thread on VWvortex to see if anyone has had similar experiences or can offer insight. 2018 GSW 4motion 6MT, 11k miles. A few weeks back I had my dog in the back seat. I go to roll down my rear windows and the driver side rear doesn't roll down. At all...