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    WTB: maxton rear diffuser for mk7

    As the title says... looking for a maxton rear diffuser. Was thinking of going AliExpress route but seeing if anyone parting ways with theirs.
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    Will it fit without issue?

    hi guys, I know I might have overlooked but couldn't find an exact answer. I am looking to get a set of 18x8.5 ET38 BBS wheels to run with my oem tire size 225/40 (Continental contact sport for reference). I am currently stock hight and stock suspension on 2016 PP. Curious to know if this...
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    Reputable shop in NYC/LI area to go for maintenance (not dealer)?

    Hey guys, New to forum and new to the car. Always have been a Honda / Nissan guy but came to the German side. Wondering if anyone can suggest a shop to go to for maintenance work to do all the fluids and then some. I am in NYC/LI area and would prefer to go somewhere that knows VW. I've...