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    WTT - Baun 2.5" couplers for standard diameter couplers

    Anyone upgraded their piping and have a spare set of the smaller couplers laying around, or want to upgrade and need the larger ones? I bought my Baun used and it has the larger size couplers, but I don't really feel the need to upgrade my piping, so hoping to trade or buy your standard...
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    Brotherhood of the DG Superpin

    It's possible that I'm touched, but anyone have a video of the zip tie mod? Is it just the Dremel hack on the main pivot? For some reason I'm having trouble finding clear instructions on this one and don't really want to miss doing this while I've got the center console out for the Super Pin...
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    Moog rear end links

    Anyone know if anyone has these in stock? Amazon, Rock Auto and Moog are currently out of stock. Covid killing my upgrade plans.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect (240)?

    What's going on here? Looks like a mix of the SC2 and PS4S, but with the tread life of the PS4S. Available in more sizes than the regular SC2, but still have the same listed 7.2/32 tread depth...
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    Homelink Mirror without harness

    I had a 17 SE that had the Homelink mirror installed, that car was totaled, I now have an 18 SE and I still have the mirror body, but not the harness. I've reached out to a few vendors for just the harness, but it appears that no one will sell a harness without the mirror. It seems like my...