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    R needs a clutch, replace anything else while it's in the shop?

    Hey all, my 2016 R just blew its clutch at 56k and is going into the shop for a new one. While it's there is there anything else I should have replaced? I've read rear main seal since the trans is out and also the water pump is usually due around this time. Anything else to look at?
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    Any experience with Brembo Xtra Rotors and Low-Met pads kit?

    Hey All, My new-to-me R is in need new brakes and I've been poking around here reading all about the various pads, rotors, etc. until I went cross eyed. I'm looking at a DD setup that'll mainly be good for some weekend fun and came across this setup...
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    FS: 18x8.5 Rotiform RSE with new Falken tires

    Like new set of Rotiform RSE wheels, selling to make some room in my garage. The wheels are in excellent shape, only a couple of very minor nicks as shown in the pictures. 18x8.5” Et 35 5x112 Come with brand new 245/40/18 Falken Pro G5 Sport UHP all season tires. All tires are at 8/32 tread...
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    Any good driving roads around San Antonio?

    Hey Everyone, I'm heading into TX to pick up my '16 Golf R and will be making a road trip out of it to see family in San Antonio. Curious if there are any good driving roads in and around San Antonio or within a hour's drive that I could get to know the new car on? TIA!
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    Random intro thread

    What's up everyone, just throwing out an intro thread here. Coming from the world of B5 S4s I'm looking forward to getting into something from this decade finally, still have an avant project though for when I want to bang my head against the wall. Picking up a 6sp DBP Mk7 R next week and I've...