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    New Mishimoto MK7 Radiator

    Anyone considering installing this new radiator from Mishimoto? Doesn’t seem like too bad of a price and I plan on doing some tracking in the summer with my stage 2 car. Hopefully this will fit with upgraded...
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    SOLD: OEM mk7 Golf R Euro Headrests

    OEM mk7 Golf R Leatherette outer rear Headrests. These are basically brand new and in mint condition. These headrests offer an unobstructed view of your rear window when pushed all the way down. White stitching to match Golf R interior. p/n 5G0885901AFCMR. $OLD for the pair shipped in the...
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    SOLD: 19" Audi RS3 Wheels (Staggered)

    I have a set of staggered RS3 Wheels for sale. - x2 8.5j x 19 ET46 with PZero 255/30 and 4/32nd of tread - x2 8j x19 ET42 with PZero 235/35 and 6/32nd of tread Cosmetically they are in good condition, the finish is glossy with a few faint scratches from normal wear and tear. These have never...
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    SOLD: OEM Mirror assemblies with Blind Spot Monitoring lights

    SOLD + Used Power/Heated Mirror setup with Blind Spot Light from 2019 Rabbit GTI -Driver Mirror Assembly 5GM-857-507-C-9B9 with Mirror 5G0-857-521-P Good Condition, No Damage -Passenger Mirror Assembly 5GM-857-508-D-9B9 with Mirror 5G0-857-522-Q Good Condition, No damage -Driver side switch to...
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    SOLD: MIB2 Non Nav Unit/Brain

    SOLD + Used 3Q0035844b MIB2 Std Non Nav (I have 2 for sale) Good condition, fully functioning, needs coding and cp removal