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    Adding a FMIC with a front license plate

    Just leave the plate where it is. You’ll be fine. This is a CTS FMIC. My oil temps make me back off on track before I get to any timing pull from heat soak. In fact, I’ve never experienced any timing pull on track with stock tune. I run a JB4 on map 6 on the street though. Again, no notable issues.
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    Here is Emma crapped out in her car seat thing after her first Adirondacks high peak hike.
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    NOOB to Stick

    Get yourself a clutch pedal stop. There’s a ton of dead space at the bottom of the pedal travel. Less space to move your foot through will make finding the engagement point easier. IMO removing the clutch spring and adding the stop are the most critical to making casual driving easier. The...
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    Another use for your fluid extractor...

    Wow, that was really helpful! Thanks so much 😎
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    Another use for your fluid extractor...

    Where did you get the seals from? I think I have the same leak but haven’t pulled the intake off yet to confirm. Also good to know the extra or is effective
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    OE GTI rear seat cover

    Any chance you still have this?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    2/3 are correct, there is the little seat storage drawer which makes a great place for garage door remote. Love my sport, the no BS model. One day I’ll make brake ducts out of the empty fog spot when I’m bored enough.
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    Intercooler Install/Clutch Work - Shop Recommendations?

    Josh at TCR did my clutch and I was very pleased. Kind of a hike from you, but I went there all the way from Dutchess County and believe it was worth it. He’s probably right on the cusp of that 2hr mark from Westchester depending how close to 287 you are.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    that’s how I earned the dent above. Not one of my prouder moments
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    You may be able to get someone to pull that dent without paint. Might not be perfect but the guy I had do my rocker dent did a pretty good job for cheap. The guy I used isn’t even a “PDR guy”, just a regular body shop. Before: After: I know the second pic kind of sucks but you get the idea
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    Freyja (AKA Firecrotch), the loaded '17 Tornado DSG R

    Small world, nice cars!
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    Extreme Winter Performance of Ferodo DS2500

    This. Might as use up $50 brake pads over the winter and not $200 pads. Also, if you get ceramic pads, your wheels won’t be full of dust when it’s too cold to clean your car if you care about that kind of thing.
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    Freyja (AKA Firecrotch), the loaded '17 Tornado DSG R

    Just happened to peruse this thread and got all nostalgic when I saw this paragraph. (I had a white ‘95 DE+T). Then realized your username looked familiar from the SR20 forums. Was your car silver by chance? If it’s the one I’m thinking of I think I remember seeing it at Jamie Marsh’s shop in...
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    Back at Watkins Glen after 12 years...

    Bumping this old thread so it’s easier to find. Thanks for sharing the video, I’ll be running here with SCDA next Monday and this is a good reference for the line in general and learning where the flag stations are. Nice driving too!
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    Anyone know what’s involved in VW CPO inspection?

    This is what the inspection seemed like it was for was to just make some last minute money off of stuff like that. All my maintenance is up to date so they couldn’t get me for any money there.
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    Anyone know what’s involved in VW CPO inspection?

    So just as an update, got back from dealer an hour ago, just got done re-installing JB4 lol The dealer certified it with the fmic on it. There’s a note in the tech’s report or whatever stating that it’s there so could be an issue down the line potentially depending on what I would need...
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    Anyone know what’s involved in VW CPO inspection?

    Good to know and thanks for the heads up on that dealer. Haven’t gone to a dealer for service yet but if I need to I’ll keep it in mind. I don’t mind a drive if the work is good, I drove all the way to TCR from Duchess county for my clutch and would do it again as I was impressed with his work...
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    Performance pack discs and pads recommendations?

    TRW ceramic pads are the pads I use for the winter/not track season. No dust, relatively cheap, and the oem calipers are stamped TRW so the pads fit in the bracket perfect and don’t clunk like my ferodo’s. Rotors, just get cheap blanks.
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    Anyone know what’s involved in VW CPO inspection?

    Thanks for the replies everybody. I’m not using either of these dealers although the car originally came from Joe Heidt. Any particular gripe with them?