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    Dealer damaged bumper (opinions?)

    I’m curious if anyone here knows enough about body work/can provide an opinion (what to do) regarding some front bumper damage that a dealer caused to my A7. The A7 was just purchased and brought back (less than 40 miles on the clock) to have something corrected when this happened. Damage is on...
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    2600HP Viper

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    $75,000 and a (car) dream...

    If you had a budget of $75,000 to spend on a car, what car would you buy and why?
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    MK7 PP Front/Rear Rotors + Front Pads (STOPTECH + EBC Red)

    Anyone with a PP model interested in brand new STOPTECH front and rear rotors + EBC RedStuff front pads? I need to return them and I'd rather discount the shipping cost ($80 shipping cost/savings to you) off what I paid for them new and resell them to someone local (to avoid shipping them). EBC...
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    First 8 second TTRS in the US

    Two weeks ago... 🤤
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    APR Pendulum Mount & Dogbone Insert

    I've given APR enough time to respond... They apparently don't care enough to do damage control SO, without further ado, it is my pleasure to bring to you (forum dwellers who hate APR or users who may be considering APR's insert/pendulum mount solution) my twisted APR pendulum mount & bent...
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    Rough idle in drive while stationary

    Context: I just drove my car pretty hard around a track, did a cool down lap (minimal breaking) and parked it. I was about to go put gas in it after letting it sit for 20-30 mins and noticed that when I put it in drive, after 5 seconds or so, the engine developed a stutter (put it in drive...
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    Airless Tires (Puncture Proof)

    This is interesting... :D