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  1. emichel6888

    PSA about windshield wiper blades (A cautionary tale)

    I have a 2017 Golf R and do all my own maintenance. I had not yet changed my wiper blades from OE because they seemed to be working just fine so... Well the other day it was raining and I noticed the passenger side thin rubber blade edge had ripped loose and was flopping around (looks like it is...
  2. emichel6888

    How to fix brake squeal, no really!

    Since switching to Ferodo 2500 break pads I experienced a LOT of low speed brake squeal. I love the pad performance, it is good street light track use pad but the brake squeal was killing it for me. I tried everything, cleaning and lubricating the brakes, those sticky products they tell you to...
  3. emichel6888

    How to fix/improve low soft Brake pedal with Residual Pressure Valves and seal lube

    How to fix/improve low/soft Brake pedal with Residual Pressure Valves Let me start by saying that the stock brakes on this car (MK7 Golf R) are fine for street use, but the pedal is soft, and the engagement is nonlinear making it difficult to modulate for high performance driving. Even for...
  4. emichel6888

    How to eliminate O2 CEL’s and achieve emission readiness with a high flow CAT

    I originally posted this on VWvortex but I find lots of good stuff on both. For some reason i don't post much on here but i tried to just cut and past so will see if it works, if not the link to the other post is at the end. I currently have an Integrated Engineering high flow cat DP with a...