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  1. FROSTYmk7.5

    Dogbone mount

    I want to get a dogbone mount/insert to avoid wheel hop. any insight about which insert is the best for street driving/longevity would be appreciated. In addition to that, is anyone aware of a correspondence between build date and the 2 different versions/types of mounts or do I need to...
  2. FROSTYmk7.5

    2019 MK7.5 gti Bad turbo

    Hello all, as I posted in my other thread Turbo flutter under hard acceleration, My car is having some issues. I was experiencing SURGE not flutter, and after having this problem on and off for about 3,000 miles, It finally worsened. It now sounds as if the wastegate is stuck open and letting...
  3. FROSTYmk7.5

    Emich VW Is Mod friendly

    just wanted to put this post out here Incase anyone in Colorado is looking for a mod friendly dealership, but it also sells and installs apr products and tunes. just brought my 2019 gti in for the software update and the service advisor came and double checked if I was tuned, because they didn’t...
  4. FROSTYmk7.5

    Mk7.5 gti turbo flutter under hard acceleration

    i bought a 2019 gti and recently I notice when at WOT there is a slight compressor surge and it feels like there is a loss of power as well. I am assuming I have a boost leak, however, I don't know why there would be turbo flutter at WOT? I am new to modding, and just looking to learn more. Last...