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    Fitting 7.5 ACC sensor to MK7?

    Anyone know if this is possible? I already have the ACC sensor in the front grill. I’d like to piss that off and have the one in the emblem instead.
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    MK7 LED tails - coding out "3 dots"

    Anyone know if this is possible? I thought I saw it posted somewhere but can't find it.
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    TCR Exhaust on a 7.5 GTI is awesome - (the new CSS exhaust)

    Ordered a TCR exhaust for a mate. Car has a Stage 1 tune and is 6 speed manual. Was super surprised that it pops between shifts. Great OEM upgrade for 7.5 cars. I think availability is going to be tough though. Had to wait 2 months for it to ship.
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    What a GTI with a factory IS38 makes on the Dyno

    Finally put the Clubsport on the dyno. Pretty impressed with the results. Going to be a weapon once tuned. Bear in mind our Dyno's here in Aus seem to read a bit differently to yours (this was a Dyno Dynamics unit). Which makes it really difficult for me to put all the HP posts into perspective...
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    I installed a lithium ion battery

    For a while I've been running a small AGM instead of the massive EFB in the car (becauseracecar). Had to stop using it as the car was throwing steering rack errors and losing power assistance. Battery was just too small. So I installed one of these. a 650CA unit...
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    GTI Clubsport vs 981 Cayman GT4 (track)

    GTI Clubsport vs 981 Cayman GT4
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    Replacing front lower control arms

    Was all set to go to replace my lower control arms with CSS units. Was reading up the workshop manual, it states that for DSG vehicles you need to use a special tool, part number T10533. Which I don't have. The purpose seems to be to align the LCA to the gearbox at exactly 85mm before removing...
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    My GTI Clubsport YouTube channel (shameless self promotion)

    Started my own YouTube channel with the idea of giving back to the wider community. Content will be based around my GTI Clubsport on and off the track. Planning some product comparisons of popular products backed up by track results where applicable. First video is a little "clickbaity" and...
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    Replacement rotors for track

    Done 2 years on my stock 340mm rotors. They have a large amount of micro cracks which I’m monitoring to see if they increase in size and I’m due for new pads. So am looking at options now to replace at the same time as I don’t think the disc will outlast the new pads. Would be great to lower...
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    VAQ felt terrible on the track yesterday

    2016 Clubsport Stock apart from MX72 pads and PS cup2 tyres XDS set to weak VAQ set to increase traction Outside temperature 31deg C (87.8F) Oil temp hitting 125C (257F) Yesterday was the first round for 2018. Ran the car over 7 rounds last year. Last 3 with modified XDS/Haldex settings. Early...
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    GTI Clubsport vs Alfa 4C on track

    Thought the 4C would be faster for a light weight sports car double the price Both stock engine and suspension #572 Clubsport on Cup2 1:50.8 #966 4C on R888R 1:51.8
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    Excessive front end vibration on the track

    Spent the weekend at the track. Was experiencing a lot of vibration under brakes, through the steering wheel yesterday. So bad in the first session I had to pit. First thought were warped rotors. So I jacked the car up and rotated the front wheels by hand. They didn't seem to catch at all. Did...
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    Clubsport peeps

    What does your Sport display show as a maximum for power? Mine only shows 195kw even when WOT in 3rd and 4th. Thought it would display the overboost 213kw.
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    Replicate's AU "40 Years" Clubsport

    Hi everyone, thought i'd create a build thread for my Clubsport. It may not have as many large scale modifications that other threads may have. The focus will mainly be small changes which hopefully contribute to improved track times or reliability on the track. The whole appeal of the...
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    Traded in my MY15 GTI for a Clubsport today

    Its never a "smart" financial decision to trade a car in that is less than 2 years old. But with only a handful of Clubsports left for sale, i just couldn't not do it. In Australia all Clubsport GTIs or "40 Years" as they are called here are spec'd with DAP (minus park assist), MIB II, DCC...
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    R suspension on GTI?

    Anyone installed R suspension on a GTI? I have a GTI with DCC and I compete in a factory Supersprint class. Was thinking if running a factory R setup would give me a bit of a stiffer ride and reduce body roll a bit. The risk is obviously that the car may be unbalanced due to the R different...