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    How to retro-fit skid trays, aerodynamic under trays, & stone guards to a MK7 Golf

    You will need the rear exhaust hangers to fit the Verus diffuser. Which shouldn't be difficult. I can see the holes are already there in the chassis. The rest should fit up fine.
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    VAQ felt terrible on the track yesterday

    It’s just the Basic Settings under the Haldex module. You’ll see it.
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    2016+ Clubsport Modifications - Part Numbers

    As far as I've been able to determine the part number is 5Q0198037C and the same as Clubsport. Not sure if the same as standard GTI.
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    MK7 R Heavy Steering

    The gent above had the same issue and it was corrosion of battery terminals. So your could be similar. Did you do the scan before shutting the engine off? That was the only way i would see the low voltage error as it cleared after a restart. Who replaced the alternator? Just wondering if there...
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    Audi TT (8S) Control Arms

    Not yet. I’m waiting for the Whiteline bushes to fail (they will) and then I’ll swap them. Bit of procrastination too as it’s a painful job on a DSG car due to the space constraints. Which I’ve made worse by using much longer bolts (original kept coming loose).
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    chassis & suspension tweaking - Audi A3 & TT parts using on Mk.VII Golf/GTI/R

    So with 9.5deg of caster and -3deg camber I can run 265 semi slicks without excessive rubbing.
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    chassis & suspension tweaking - Audi A3 & TT parts using on Mk.VII Golf/GTI/R

    You can by adding caster top and bottom. So Whiteline strut tops and LCA. It was rubbing a lot when running 245/40/18. But with 255/35/18 it's much better. I don't hear any new rubbing buts it's hard to tell as it's already eaten the liner.
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    chassis & suspension tweaking - Audi A3 & TT parts using on Mk.VII Golf/GTI/R

    I have a set of TT arms and Superpro bushes I’m yet to fit. They might be too aggressive. Currently -3deg upfront with CSS spindles and Whiteline offset top hats and LCA. 9.5deg caster.
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    My GTI Clubsport YouTube channel (shameless self promotion)

    Installed the OEM brake master cylinder heat shield
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    Who Has the Lightest Mk7 GTI?

    My 4 door CS with BBK, light weight wheels CSS subframe, li-on battery, racing seat and stripped for track was 1320kg with passenger seat. No carpet or trim removed. Less than 1/2 a tank of petrol. Manual with no VAQ would save quite a bit of weight. Guessing at least 50kg
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    my tuned GTI suffered a catastrophic engine failure...

    Or get a better estimate on what a rolling shell would be worth. At least $10k I would think. Wrecker engine + mates is what I would do though.
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    TT arms will. I’m -3 with CSS spindles and offset camber tops. TT arms would get me to about -4.5 max I reckon. Maybe more.
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    This is how we do it with our State Supersprint rules in Aus. Max -3 and we don’t care how you achieve it. So simple.
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    Native FlexFuel adaptation without ethanol/FF sensor

    This is awesome. Hope there is more information somewhere. If I understand this correctly: 1. Changes required via VCDS to enable this feature (anyone have the details?) 2. Once enabled you can run E blends safely. Does this also apply to an existing flash tune? 3. Doesn't give you any extra...
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    They list them as RS3 “style” so I assume they make them themselves like their other products. I could be wrong here but I thought all the OEM bushings still had a small void in them. CSS/TTS/RS3. But if they are legal they are a great option. Even the reduced void versions make an improvement...
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    DCC Retrofit

    Significantly so.
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    DCC Retrofit

    What witchcraft is this? That the MK8 DCC settings?
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    DCC Retrofit

    This may help, or may not. To the best of my research, a 4 door DSG DCC GTI CS runs GTI PP dampers and R springs. Quite a sporty ride while not being uncomfortable (to me). If it were me I’d choose Bilstein. Should be superior quality and rebuildable. OEM once they wear out are junk.
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    2016+ Clubsport Modifications - Part Numbers

    CSS engine mounts are the same as regular Clubsport. I don't know if these are the same as regular GTI/R. They work well on a standard CS but I'd recommend aftermarket if tuning your car and using it for drag or circuit.