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  1. zee

    Isle of Man TT claims another rider

    The passion these riders have for such a dangerous road racing event is insane...but mesmerizing to me as a fellow rider. He is the 21st deceased since 2000 RIP Yoshinari Matsushita
  2. zee

    Push-button start. Thieves reprogram BMW FOB in 3 minutes

    I've heard of it happening to Mercs but this is the first video that I have seen it in action. The article implies that VWs are also susceptible too. I guess when car thieves mordenize, it's time for us to switch back to the good old steering wheel and pedal lock. YLHo-GYG25Q
  3. zee

    Lemans 24hrs: Peugeot out, hybrid in. Audi vs Toyota

    As Peugeot bowed out of 24hrs of Lemans last month, I thought this year's race was going to be a snoozefest in LMP1* Toyota's hybrid vs Audi's TDI is a tough call but Audi just announced that they will be fielding two Hybrids and two TDIs.*We'll see but I think it is a good way to defend the...
  4. zee

    Thanksgiving corvettes

    I hope this is not a repost, it's been making it way across a few car forums since thanksgiving. Skip to 40 seconds in if you are impatient. kzlg3oQMze4 the video even shows a kid going across on a bicycle before they let it rip. IMO, two ass-wipes getting what they deserve.
  5. zee

    Obama should have opted for air ride

    :bellyroll:. Since it is pretty much a tank, I wonder how they pulled/pushed it out. yo5zH0Il8B0
  6. zee

    Low n' Slow - A Beetle Film

    Another awesome work from Stephen Brooks. It's hard to believe these cars are static. Form over Function Thread from 2 weeks ago.
  7. zee

    Polo GTI

    edit: thread renamed
  8. zee

    The Battle Begins: British Drift Championship

    Awesome video for drift lovers. Round One
  9. zee

    Volkswagen Motorsports heading to WRC in 2012

    Meet the Polo R WRC :drool: Source:
  10. zee

    Another Friday thread from me: Rolling shots

    Awesome shots are in the thread linked for your viewing pleasure LEVEL I - Novice LEVEL II LEVEL III - Pro Cheater
  11. zee

    Volkswagen’s 2010 profit roars to $9.4 billion

    Some of you guys & gals who follow business news might have noticed this posted on almost every money & financial website today.
  12. zee

    Ultimate FUUUUU related car thread

    This is quite popular in a few forums, so lets give it a try and keep it car related. The template is below along with a few from vwvortex's TCL to get things started. Use Microsoft paint or something similar to modify
  13. zee

    Audi is gonna smoke Peugeot next year

    R18 24hrs Lemans racer for next year has been release. Closed cockpit for faster laps and redesigned car. The 3-4 seconds lead per lap the Peugeots had is pretty much out the window now.
  14. zee

    New VW MFD

    Cadman mentioned this to me yesterday at our meet...and that is is available in the CC. This one is from a Touran. Does anyone have a link to a video of it in action? :thumbup:
  15. zee

    I bought the wrong car

    I should have opted for a Tiguan with the 2.0 TSI 4Motion then thrown on bags.
  16. zee

    The AmiWagen

    The truth about cars
  17. zee

    Thor - movie leakked trailer

    Leaked and will be taken down soon as Paramount goes after everyone hosting it.
  18. zee

    I'm back.

    Its been almost 2 weeks without internet access. It was pretty brutal. I missed golfmk6 and also have a ton of PMs to respond. So...what did I miss?
  19. zee


    Everyone has probably not seen videos from this group. They are based in Germany and do random car videos. I love the videography and audio channel mix when changing scenes. Watch in HD. BMW 130i tii VW Scirocco Hit up their website for the list of car videos on vimeo.
  20. zee

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    What got you into VWs? What do you drive? What do you hope to buy? Option Spec? Anything on-topic or just say Hi Both my parents had VWs when I was younger and so I always wanted a black or Red 4-door GTI...but got a little lost along the way because my Grandpa was into Audi. 1991 Acura...