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  1. Gunkata

    POLE: Favorite Eats & Treats

  2. Gunkata

    Vanity License Plate POWL

    thoughts? :iono: this is for my in link below.
  3. Gunkata

    Pole: Your Favorite Plac Vehicle?

    I can only list so many from memory, but what's been your fav all this time on GolfMk6? Be sure to check out his vids and subscribe at:
  4. Gunkata

    It's Happening... Subaru STI to get new engine. WRX engine variant, of course. goddamit.. a week -a WEEK after I buy the Z. LULZ.
  5. Gunkata

    GK Goes JDM, Brah. Beats Worst Forum Member on Actually Getting a Car this Century

    Picking this up tonight.... 2003 Nissan 350Z Track Package 6 speed Limited slip differential Traction control Navigation Home link Climate control (CANNOT BUY A VEHICLE W/O IT, DUDE.) Track Package wheels (much lighter than the stock enthusiast wheels) Factory Brembo brake package Hawk...
  6. Gunkata

    GTI Owner on Everyday Driver Car Debate Podcast Today

    Name was John, 2011 GTI, also has an older Focus SVT hatch – looking for a “poser”/parking lot queen for $10K or under… you on here, mang?
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    POLE: Anyone, hows your balls?

  8. Gunkata

    Fishing Reel Question

    Real fishermen.. I just bought this for my son: What line should I get and like, how the hell do you do this? I didn't know they came w/o line, lol. I need some 20-30lb line probably.
  9. Gunkata

    POLE: Bro, do you even fritter?

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    Non-Pole: What is your favorite Elton John song??

    ohai. I'd have to say Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is pretty epic... Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man.. some good stuff for sure.
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    The Gunkat Car Ownership Feedback Thread for 2015

    Similar to Max, I am an eternal tire kicker that will start several threads on the same subject.... and this has been discussed before, but as I literally ALMOST bought a 2006 Miata last week, I am getting closer and closer to making some kind of purchase/trade-in/change in car situation in the...
  12. Gunkata

    Soon, He will return.

    The father, the son, and the holy balls. I await NEEK's return with baited breathe. He is me, I am him. Some saviors never return, but my shiny bald headed wonder will be back before you know it. #IstandwithNEEK
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    Pole: FAPPING Sesh Average Time Spent... FAPPING? Survey Inside

    :word: If you are 50/50 on something, multiple choice is allowed. Example: short sesh at the work place, on the train, library lavatory, etc.. long sesh late at night at home.
  14. Gunkata

    Audi May Enter F1, Drop Le Mans and DTM OH YES'TH.
  15. Gunkata

    Pole: How Many Threads Does Max Actually Have Open?

    By or Regarding... it is ... quite remarkable.
  16. Gunkata

    POLE: Will the worst forum member ever actually buy a car?

    With regard to our dearest, Maxtdi.... :wub: What say you?
  17. Gunkata

    Car & Driver Confirms Round Vents are Cool: OK to Buy an Audi Now

    So now guise, its actually OK to buy a car with round vents... well, unless it doesn't have climate control, then we all know its fucked. / bread.
  18. Gunkata

    POLE - GunKat and Dude4bides Agreeing On Things = Signal of The End Times?

    Either the world is ending, or he shipped me some sticky icky and all is right for the next 48hours :iono:
  19. Gunkata

    POLE: Do you actually say “bro”, or any iteration of it in real life?

    I know a few guys - some of whom MAY be European (#euromafia) , and they seem to excessively use this word. Made me think of pole…. Bro, do you even bro?