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  1. seanmcd1

    New pop up ads are freaking AWESOME

    ...for me to POOP on
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    MK7 owners in the S.C. upstate ?

    That R would have been YELLOW if you saw it the day before! Pollen is going full tilt down here. The rain was nice for a free wash today.
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    Can I safely do an APR Stage 1 Tune on my new 2021 GTI 6-speed

    The real question is, what made you lease a car!?
  4. seanmcd1

    Can I safely do an APR Stage 1 Tune on my new 2021 GTI 6-speed

    OP don't do anything, and you still may or may not be safe. If you are new to driving a clutch or don't know what you're doing - you will probably need a new clutch soon after tuning. I've had no issues with my APR stage 1 low torque tune and highly recommend it otherwise.
  5. seanmcd1

    Best tuning

    I'm not sure you will find a lot of people here with experience tuning the 1.2L. On the other hand - I live in a very hot state, and my car seems to do just fine after 25K miles with a stage 1 tune. Does your fuel have ethanol in it in Egypt? Looking at APR's tune - you can gain +26...
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    Radar detector

    They give you a false sense of security. Sure they will "save" you from time to time. But get too comfy and any talented cop will nail you with instant on. I have better luck using common sense and Waze, especially on the interstate.
  7. seanmcd1

    Radar detector

    Radar detectors are more or less useless. Instant on will eventually get you. Use the force and you'll do fine. Eyes peeled, analyze every vehicle, and don't speed over a rise or curve where you can't see ahead.
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    Why are my posts about a scammer being deleted?

    /me slaps cessna with a large trout
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    What is your opinion about wagons?

    Love them. First drove my mom's '76 Mercury Wagon. I think it had a boat license...
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    CSS muffler, need advice

    Still looking forward to hearing this muffler on a GTD guys...
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    Best liqui moly oil

    The first one does great for me in South Carolina. It's pretty hot here.
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    CSS muffler, need advice

    is y'all in the right section?
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    So was studying my receipts - looks like in 2018 at 27K miles, they only replaced the water pump and seals. Thermostat housing is not listed. This time round (54,600 miles) they replaced Thermostat housing (06L121111M), Union (06L1211131) and gasket (06K121043B). I do remember having to top...
  14. seanmcd1

    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    Just had this repair (leaking T-stat housing) for the second time, at 54K miles. First time was around 28K miles. I'm hoping it lasts a little longer this go-round as it most likely will be out of warranty by then...
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    Anybody try out cheap AliExpress pedal caps?

    Sooo, you're foot doesn't grip your OEM pedals and these are going to be the solve?
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    Diverter valve possibly whistling?

    Well lads, what was the outcome? I've had a whistling during boost times (high pitched and lasts until you get off the gas) and I'm suspecting it's the DV. Don't see any potential leak in the system otherwise. If I was to swap it with a new one, is it just a direct plug and play swap? Aaand...
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    Has anyone changed tunes to try alternatives?

    What's your goal here? Are you going to the drag strip every weekend? Are you a member of a racing team? Is this a daily driver or a dedicated race car? Do you want to get a tune and drive or do you want to constantly try various setups?
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    Normal for brisk plugs?

    If you ask me they all look nearly brand new.
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    Anybody else getting this message when opening the forum?

    It definitely does work that way. Your browser gets the time from your PC.
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    Anybody else getting this message when opening the forum?

    Just keep changing your computer's date back to Dec. 31 2020 each morning, problem solved.