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  1. Andrewbens

    Flow one wheels F3

    Need help trying to figure out why my hub-centric rings they fit up front but not the rear of my car. Wheels spec 18x9 et45 Tires 245/40/19 Michelin AS4 Suspension Emd
  2. Andrewbens

    2019 Gti S passenger seat rattle

    Does anyone passenger seat rattle like crazy especially at 80mph here’s a video of what it sounds like it also makes this noise going over any bumps or rough roads.
  3. Andrewbens

    P0299 Under boost codes Is38

    Today my friend brought over his 2017 Dsg Gti with a stage 2 tune from sneeky and the car runs great we installed new motor mounts from bfi and it’s super smooth, but I wanna get to a point the car has never ran strong with his is38 stage 2 setup the car was apr stage 2+ is38 when he bought the...
  4. Andrewbens

    Rattling on back of passenger seat

    I have a 2019 S and the back of the passenger seat rattles on the freeway and drives me nuts. also driver side seat where the control panels are my seat squeals when I move in the seat or when your in town hitting pot holes.
  5. Andrewbens

    OEM Wireless charger

    Does anyone know if this is the oem wireless charger in Europe? Is this plug and play For US my S Mk7.5 part #5NA 980 611
  6. Andrewbens

    Wtb: Looking for center console ac silver trim

    I broke the little silver trim while pulling apart my radio trim here’s a pic this is in the center console on the right side of the vent
  7. Andrewbens

    Sold: Sprint Booster

    Up for sale is a sprint booster for any mk7. $120 $10s shipped in the US
  8. Andrewbens

    Sold Sprint pedal booster

    Sprint pedal booster. This is perfect if you’re running a jb4 or neuspeed power module makes a huge difference. price $120 Shipped $10 in the US
  9. Andrewbens

    Sold: Group 2 MQB 2.0T Jb4/Bluetooth/aluminum case

    I have a used JB4 for sale for $420 comes with Bluetooth and aluminum case. located in Modesto CA Shipping $15s in the US
  10. Andrewbens

    Modesto Ca Spotted Thread

    Spotted a blue Rabbit today 😁
  11. Andrewbens

    Type R vs is38 gti

    Who will win a stock Type R vs is38 gti with jb4?
  12. Andrewbens

    WTB helix sub

    Looking for a helix sub for my 19 gti
  13. Andrewbens

    Golf R Fans on GTI

    So last night I noticed my 2019 has only 1 electric fan and the factory intercooler heat soaks like crazy. Does anyone know if we can get the golf R fan setup on our gtis and improve the cooling.