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  1. Wade_GT

    Free MT6 wonder mod: OEM bleeder delay removal

    I imagine while the reservoir is shared between brake system and clutch line, the systems themselves are split. I got too much air in the line when doing the restrictor delete. Clutch went to the floor while brake pedal pressure was unaffected, so based on that, I’d say any brake change may be...
  2. Wade_GT

    Free MT6 wonder mod: OEM bleeder delay removal

    If you did a good job preventing fluid leak when removing the restrictor, you probably did not get much air in there. If engagement feels where it should be, no need to re-bleed.
  3. Wade_GT

    Scared to death

    Need more info. Are you tuned? Any other mods? Have you checked carbon buildup on the valves? At that mileage you may benefit from a good walnut blast.
  4. Wade_GT

    18x7.5 Austins on stock 2019 Golf S?

    But Speedo will be off slightly with 225/45/18
  5. Wade_GT

    Carbon buildup pics at 65K

    Thanks for sharing. Not too bad for 65k.
  6. Wade_GT

    Installed H&R OE Sport Springs

    Congrats. It definitely makes the drive more dynamic without destroying ride quality. Yes, even with the TT pads, it sits a tiny bit lower in the rear. I’ve considered doubling up on pads to level things, but it doesn’t really bother me.
  7. Wade_GT

    Best tire setup for new GTI/Golf R

    Only places within the county lines.. jokes aside, San Fernando Valley is pretty terrible. Even hwy 101 and 405 magically become smooth once you reach Ventura County or Orange County.
  8. Wade_GT

    Clunk noise from BC racing coilovers

    Check your rear swaybar links for the rear. Did you tighten down the adjustable collars on all 4 corners?
  9. Wade_GT

    Wheel help...

    What brand tires did you get out of curiousity?
  10. Wade_GT

    Golf R - Oily Spark Plug

    Do you have a manual trans with upgraded clutch? If not, it could just be failed valve cover gasket ring.
  11. Wade_GT

    Anybody using H&R OE Sport springs?

    Should be the same height between M and DSG
  12. Wade_GT

    Anybody using H&R OE Sport springs?

    I’m really happy with these springs and used the TT rear pads
  13. Wade_GT

    JOM BlueLine Coilovers??

    Why not save your money till you get what you want?
  14. Wade_GT

    H&R springs questions

    Here’s the part for the TT rear spring pads:
  15. Wade_GT

    18 GTI SE front brakes

    It’s common for inner pads to wear faster since that’s the side where the piston hits. There is no piston pushing the outer pad toward the rotor. That said, you might as well remove the front wheels after safely jacking the car up and taking a look. If you don’t have the means to do that, might...
  16. Wade_GT

    Going to wider wheel/tire size

    To answer the benefits of a wider wheel question, the main one would be fitting a wider tire (such as 235 or 245 width) which increases overall grip levels due to the larger contact patch. This will help with straight line grip as well as lateral grip during hard cornering. With that are also...
  17. Wade_GT

    H&R springs questions

    You could go with H&R OE sport springs which have a milder drop. They also pair well with Bilstein B8 from what I’ve read. Here’s mine on these springs with TT spring pads in the rear.
  18. Wade_GT

    Suspension install snag number one...

    Thanks for sharing. I have H&R OE springs on stock struts and will be upgrading to B8’s some time next year and now I know to rent a spring compressor.
  19. Wade_GT

    Aftermarket clutches vs Crank Walk

    Yes, this the background behind my post. Clearly 7.3%, even if there is a margin of error, is a risk worth better understanding. The Fluidamper suggestion to reduce vibration makes sense in theory. I’m also interested if the Sachs SRE clutch is among the safer options. Good discussion here guys...