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  1. BadHombre760

    'Hidden' Features/Quirks/Refinements

    I thought it would be cool to share some 'hidden' features and refinements that the majority of people may never notice in our cars. Here's a couple of examples I've found: Infinity door hinges: You know how when you open most car doors you can feel the different spots in the hinges every few...
  2. BadHombre760

    Pre & Post 2014 Production Trans Mounts?

    So I had ordered the BFI engine mount and trans insert but turns out my car doesn't have the 'rebuildable' trans mount. On ECS' site I found the correct mount (*here*) but it's telling me "For vehicles with production date up to 03/23/2014 only" which seems wrong since I thought it should fit...
  3. BadHombre760

    Squeak noise when letting off boost

    Been noticing lately after spooling the turbo there's a squeak on the driver side that happens when I let off the throttle. Only been noticing it in 4th gear but it's possible it happens in other gears... Sounds like a suspension squeak but considering when I'm hearing it happen I'm thinking it...
  4. BadHombre760

    Can't Remove Broken Spark Plug...

    Trying to swap out plugs but when I got to #4 I couldn't get the socket down far enough to get around the base of the plug. When I look in with a flashlight it looks like the top of the white insulator is missing.... and instead it appears to just be a spring sticking up (also bends easily) with...
  5. BadHombre760

    Finally found/fixed the loud rattle (stage 2, ~3k rpms)

    After installing my downpipe, an embarrassingly loud rattle would start happening in the cabin when in the 'drone zone' (~3000rpm w/ moderate throttle). I've seen plenty of threads and videos of people showing where they discovered rattles in their mk7 but I was never able to figure out where...
  6. BadHombre760

    Coil Nut Turns But Won't Raise

    I can't get to the 4th spark plug because when I try to remove the top nut holding everything down it spins but won't move its way up the bolt. I've tried wedging things under it and turning but still no luck. The bolt is NOT turning with the nut. I bought a dremel to cut off the top nut from a...
  7. BadHombre760

    GTI vs Cayman S (shitty dashcam vid warning) Random Cayman S was itching for the green light so I decided to catch up and see if they would do a pull, floored it around 40mph when I saw them give it the gas and was side-by-side until I let off once I saw all the cones and thought I was going to have to merge...
  8. BadHombre760

    Vegas Euro Cruise 6/22
  9. BadHombre760

    New VW ad "In the darkness, we found the light"

    Was this supposed to be comical? Because I got a good laugh out of it
  10. BadHombre760

    Crazy Crash video (NSFW language)

    This happened yesterday morning on the 15-S passing thru Temecula, CA. I can't believe how absolutely obliterated the Nissan was from the impact. Never seen anything like it before. (fair warning- there's no blood/gore but it's sad to watch) The truck driver...
  11. BadHombre760

    Towing GTI - Dolly vs Trailer

    Hey everyone, I'm moving next week to Vegas and plan on towing my GTI behind the UHaul. I have an option of using a two-wheel dolly or a four-wheel trailer but I'm not completely sure which is best, easier, or if there's even really much of a difference at all. The trailer seems better however...
  12. BadHombre760

    How to use tow straps (fail video)
  13. BadHombre760

    SoCal Dyno

    Any recommended shops for dyno testing in the SD/IE area? Also wondering if anyone else is interested in doing a dyno-day to save some money
  14. BadHombre760

    Shutting off the engine before oil is up to temp

    I live in a fairly small city where everything is within a 5 minute drive. I've heard before that it's bad for our DI engines to shut off the car before the oil is fully warmed up so I usually drive around until its warm and then park it... if it's something thats only going to take a minute I...
  15. BadHombre760

    GTI vs Silverado on wet road

    Nothing too impressive but I wasn't expecting him to take off so he got the jump and naturally I spun through 1st and a bit in 2nd but finally gripped and pulled away (and yes, that city has a big problem with ppl running red lights to turn left)